This is true thing that mostly people and user clicks on the first page of the Google search results. This means that you lost many things if your website is not on first page of the goggle. Getting on first the page first page of the Google is difficult but not impossible. Google has played a very important role in leveled the outcome results so it is very difficult task and goal for local and small businesses. It takes some work to get on the first page
How to get website to show up on Google

Firstly change the setting of your website such that it can be indexing. We’ll get to indexing in the next section. If your site isn’t showing up on the first page, you can always verify that it is showing up somewhere by performing a search for your business name. This will save you from having to scroll through results pages.

How to get business to show up on Google
Getting on the first page of Google is not only a common goal among small business owners, but also a very feasible one. Google is built around providing information that, according to its users, is the most relevant and important. As a result—and even in the case with paid ads—a bigger company or budget does not equate to top rank. Google has several ranking factors that determine the paid, local, and organic results for user queries. If you align the pages of your website with these factors, you can absolutely get on the first page of Google.

The practice of aligning your website with SEO Ranking factors is called search engine optimization (SEO). You do not apply SEO to your whole site at once, but rather to each individual page on your site. Each page should be optimized to show up on the first page of Google for its own unique queries. Continue reading to learn how to use SEO to show up on Google.

How do use the SEO to get on the first page of the Google

Seo is process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine results. It improves the website for search engine such that it ranks higher in search engine. Now it times to know the actions which help to rank higher in search engines.

How Google works

Google works by crawling the web, taking inventory of millions of web pages the exit and storing them in stack. When a user performs a search query (types a word or phrase into the search box), Google searches through its more organized index (rather than the whole web) to quickly come up with relevant results. So SEO optimize website for Google and making it easier to read by Google’s web crawlers. So they can more quickly scan, index and retrieve your website.

Put Keywords on right place

To make your web pages easier to read by Google, you must first determine what information you want it to obtain when it reads your page. In other words, for which search queries do you want Google to serve up your page in results? Also, keywords don’t have to be just one word—they refer to the words or phrases users’ type into the search box in Google.

Choose the Right Keywords

The keywords that you should use are ones that your customers are going to be most likely to look for. To find this, it’s best to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and figure out what they would search for based on their priorities and experiences.

Does Not Keyword Stuff!

Using excessive keywords in the content is called keyword stuffing, which is not a good SEO practice. The key to getting on the first page of Google is providing high-quality content for the keywords you are trying to rank for. Your page needs to provide the information users are trying to obtain when they type those keywords into Google.


Another SEO strategy to get on the first page of Google is to make sure your website clearly indicates your city and/or geographic area. You will want to do this in your contact page, and potentially also through blog posts and services pages. That way, when people search: “your industry” + ”your city”, Google will pick up that information and show your business as “near me” search result. Google also uses IP addresses to identify the location of its users, and can therefore serve up local results even for queries without location modifiers.

Optimize website for Mobile

The more mobile-friendly your website is, the closer it will get to Google’s first page. Consumers now use phones and tablets more than computers and laptops.

Getting on first page of Google take some work as well as time but it is done able. By knowing right keywords and efforts you can get business and website visibility it deserve. For more help with ranking higher on Google, visit our website:

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