The easiest way to get free leads for MLM is just as simple as leaving comments on blogs which are highly pertinent to the services or products you are promoting. When you are just in the first stage of doing a multi-level marketing, you need to set a goal for the number of comments you leave each day and stick with it. Use a tracker to monitor each comment and its level of views whether these comments are doing good or not.

Remember, not every comment you wrote and posted is going to be allowed by all blog sites and you will not get a click and a hit on each comment you leave, until you become popular in these sites. The best way in finding blogs and forums that will be highly pertinent to your product is by pasting these into your browser, your site, your inurl or in your blog: "post a comment"-"comments closed"-"you must be logged in" "your product" are the indications of it. A quick interpretation to these indications would suggest the word blog is in the URL with the words “post a comment”.

The dash in these indications before the second and third terms makes Google disregard these blogs where the comments are closed and where there is a need for you to log on. Obviously, the term "your product" is the one you are promoting.

Looking For Active Blogs & Forums?

Be aware of the dates of your posts. You are avoiding not to waste your time posting comments on inactive blogs. So better, keep all the details in your self – made posts tracker. Be in spreadsheet or word file.

If you already have the SEO Quake toolbar on your personal computer, then, this will tell you the Page Rank of the blog you are looking at. Page Ranks go from nil to nine. So, if you can comment on blogs with a page rank above 2 or 3, the quality of the link you get in return is better and Google will reward you for that success.

The more participants in your blog, the more chances you will have to comment to the other posts of other people and the articles of its sites. When you leave your comment in a blog, just make it sure it is beneficial to all the things as possible. The blog master will give you valuable links. So, leave something valuable in turn.

The Blog Master will not going to accept any worthless comments and he will definitely removed it immediately on its blog site so, better post comments or articles that are relevant enough to be posted. If you cannot determine whether or not your post is relevant, better let somebody else make an observation and further review on it before posting for you to be able to avoid any waste of your time.

Sometimes, although you posted good and relevant comments, it would sometimes be removed without your notice. In that case, you need to directly ask inquiries to the blog master and have a personal call to him. This is the reason why you will have to spend your time blogging and commenting. The benefit of it is that you will going to have links and be placed into your site even if you do not get folks opting in, which may bring your web site up in the rankings.

Do Follow Blogs

Many sites allow you to post a comment but then suddenly, do not allow you to leave links back to your own site. What you will gonna do is to move on to those blogs that do allow backlinks placed on your website.

Perhaps, you will be able to say, if the name of the commenter is in blue or click-able and some blogs allow you to put 2 links on a comment, that one is giving you a direct back-link to your website. If you want to get leads, then you should funnel those that do click your link to a lead capture page where you can obtain their email to contribute in increasing your growing list.

Bookmark all the blogs that you have visited and you may shortly grow a relationship with others that visit those blogs. Your target is to make yourself appear to be a well informed and can be trusted. They may not click your link or sign up today, but the more often you leave good comments, the more likely they will ultimately click through and opt in on your internet site.

Be insistent! You will soon be getting those free leads for MULTI LEVEL MARKETING if you are just as patient as a hunter. Well surely, that would be the thing you need to acquire.

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