The 2020-2021 GA Hunting Season and Regulation Guide is now available online! Even with the Pandemic playing in the background, hunters are expected to make a beeline for tracking, fishing and hunting in Georgia. For this, they will require the requisite permits and hunting license in GA. The licenses are a must for participating in various outdoor activities in the State.

Hunting License GA

If you have plans of visiting WRD properties and state shooting ranges, then what follows below will make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. In line with your age, it may be necessary to procure the Hunter Education Certificate so that you are eligible to purchase a hunting license or permit.

As per the experts at, ensure that you are buying the correct hunting license type in GA to avoid any complications later on. Get in touch with a Georgia–approved agent or the Department of Natural Resources (either online or offline) in Georgia to purchase the license you need. I think this post can help you better. Check out this post to know “How to Get Your Hunting License in GA“.

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