To get verified on Google, it is hardly needed to have a large number of positive reviews from the audience. We're alive to this that 88% of people trust online reviews. Additionally, they always consider reviews before buying a product. 66% of people like buying products online. In this situation, you have to have good reviews for your business. People also like to ask some questions to be assured. Let me show you the questions with the answer.

How can I get reviews for my business?

Some people ask this question frequently. Because everyone is conscious of his business. Let me tell you how to get it. Firstly, search for your company by name on Google. Afterward, you will have a button named 'Write a review' and click on the button. You'll see a Google review box has popped up, copy the URL out of the address bar. Shorten your Google review URL. Send the URL to your clients and start getting reviews.

Can you buy Google reviews?

Similar to Yelp, Google dislikes that business which buy Google reviews. However, the situation treats differently than Yelp. Rather than publicly embarrass the company that buys a Google review.

Are fake reviews illegal?

If you have good reviews no one will come to punish you even the review is fake. It is not really illegal since there are so many people are doing it. There is no problem to have fake reviews but need different IP for work. Slander is illegal so if you're leaving negative feedback and lying in the process then yes it is immoral and illegal.

Help to build a solid business reputation:

A recent Moz survey linked almost 10 percent of local search ranking to reviews, most people search through Google. Every day Google handles 3.5 billion searches. With an enhanced focus on local search results, that means every search in your category could lead to a click. But only if you get Google reviews that direct people to your business.

Now you can assume that through reviews how can you get a solid business reputation. Most people like buying products online. And the company is shown on top of the search engine results which has gained positive reviews from the customers.

Nonstop positive feedback:

A company with 5-star reviews it means the company is worthwhile. And other people will be interested in visiting your site. Because the nature of human is, where the people like engaging, the other people will be encouraged to engage there. Similarly, if you start getting positive feedback once, the other people will be willing to leave a positive feedback.

Ask people to leave a review:

Customers are your brand advocates. People help to make sure the visibility of your business. But most people forget to leave reviews though they have made up their minds to buy products from you. And 22% of people make up their minds not to buy anything from you by seeing a negative review. In that case, you should ask them to leave a review. The process of asking people to leave reviews should not be difficult.

To make a business visible online, it is very essential to have google reviews for the business. And it proves that how trustworthy your business is!


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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.