What is it with ladies and dresses? Most ladies find it difficult to walk past a dress shop that is having a sale. They have to take any opportunity to add to their wardrobe especially dress wisely. Of course, this counts for shoes and handbags and other accessories too. If you look inside a ladies' wardrobe you will probably find an exhaustive array of dresses and gear to suit any occasion. Well, they have to be ready to go anywhere at any time even though they will probably buy a new outfit for each special event.

This is very important for a lady. It is very important for them to look good for a man but especially for all the other ladies who will be there scrutinizing them every piece of clothing. Remember the old joke of a lady at a celebrity ball. The first lady that she met inside said, " Mary, that dress looks better on you every year" Some people can be very catty and some do it intentionally because they want to always be top dog of the fashion scene. That is OK if you can afford it. Some of the catwalk stuff We see on the TV cost an absolute fortune.

Have you ever noticed that many third world countries seem to love bright colors when they dress? Look at some TV shows in Africa or South America or the Philippines and you will see lots of very colorful dresses and all looking very smart. It does not seem to matter how poor you are, it is important for a lady to always look good. If cash is a problem then they will use ingenuity to make sure they are always out there and one way is the use of bright colors.

It is called the Imelda Marcos Syndrome. Remember when the Marcos family had to flee the country and they checked out the presidential palace where they had lived. They counted so many hundred pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. But it is a common trait of the Philippine ladies as with most ladies everywhere. Collect shoes and handbags. At our house, they have to use the spare bedroom just for their clothes. The shoes and handbags don't fit in there too. They occupy all of the linen cupboards which is just full of them.

The point here is that a Philippine lady is an expert on lady's fashion especially dresses. So, if you can find a Filipino online fashion shop with a dress shop or you can be assured of finding a great range of good designer styles. Everybody knows that every time goes out just to go shopping, get admiring looks because always dressed to kill. Always very smart and always very bright and colorful and always trendy.

So that is the tip. Find a Philippine lady with a dress shop and you know you will always find new and exciting styles that will make you always look smart and trendy too. You will usually find these at a great price as well. A Philippine lady will take great pride in selling something nice rather than something with a big profit.

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