Are you keen to work in Canada for two years? Then we have a Canada working holiday visa. There is also a lot of scope for you to get a job in Canada through the recognised organisations in this country. One of these organisations is SWAP which advertises about the prospective job seekers to the employers and about the vacant positions to the job seekers.

SWAP calls such working holiday visa seekers to Canada Swappers and organises job fairs in countries such as Australia to hire them.The swappers can also know about the jobs when updates are made on Facebook and Twitter. The so called swappers can also get to know about such jobs in the emails which are sent to them.

Canada is an excellent destination to work for someone who wants to get a job for short term duration in Canada. When you are on the working holiday visa in Canada, you can change jobs or work for a single employer, its your wish.

You can go to the swap website and then book yourself for the job fair to be held in Canada. SWAP helps the people coming to Canada in various ways. You just have to choose the service, you have to avail. So, after getting the visa from a working holiday visa consultant like us, you get all the help through SWAP in getting a job.The Canadian employers post their JOB ads on the Swap website and hence the process of recruitment becomes easy. The employers don't need to incur any charges for these services. Getting a job in advance of going to Canada on a working holiday visa is important because you are bound to spend 2,500 CAD required for this visa very soon. In that case, having a job to maintain your existence in Canada is important.

Another organisation is Go International which can help you get to stay in Canada with ease on the Canada working holiday program. You get a program advisor who is ready to solve all your queries including how to pay taxes when you are able to get a job there. On top of it, when you are away skiing and not in touch with your family, you are given all the support. Your family knows of your wellbeing, wherever you might be.

Your resume gets listed in the jobs directory of this website and then you are sent emails about the hot jobs available. By registering with them, you can also get English lessons. If you have plans of becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you should also register with the IELTS classes in Canada so that you are able to clear the PR requirements later. The PR of Canada requires someone to have a score of CLB7 which implies that he should have 6 in the writing, speaking, listening and reading bands of IELTS.

With this score, and living in Canada for two years on the working holiday visa, you are easily able to immigrate.

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