We have many types of friendship like the rich class, the poor class, the average, popular class etc. While all these social classes may seem difficult for some people to associate, if you get closer, you will notice one thing about them; there is no different between you and them. You'll be shocked how much you have in common and how your interest maybe different from theirs, yet matches each other.

You never know who you might be friends with in the next coming year, so never let stereotypes hold you back! Because you're from different class doesn't mean you can't associate with someone from your desired social group. There're many people out there who find the differences and a genuine friendship based on deeper connections more rewarding and successful than dating someone within their own circle of friends.
Don't assume they won't like you. If you manage to match their criteria, they will enjoy your company. Here are some tips that will act as some kind of help to overcoming the labels of social group.
How to get into a new social group

In order to get into a new social group, when you see your target in the group, approach the him or her and start a chart like that. You can start be using simple word like "hi" and when they reply, tell the person your name. If the person likes you and wants to carry on the conversation, continue it. Talk about simple stuff like classes, movies, shows, etc. Avoid politics or religion!
If the person likes you, exchange your email address or phone number. To get the phone number, ask them when you both have to depart one another. Ask them for their phone number or give them yours any case they want to chat with you. After this, you can talk to them occasionally (not daily routine). It takes time to get them to be your friend and to develop trust.
Pretend as if you really don't need them

Each time you see the person with the desired class, use this as an opportunity to go up to the person with the main aim of the group seeing you. The clique doesn’t notice you yet, so behave like if the clique are the wind, unless you get introduced. If your new friend introduces you to their group, be cool and friendly with everyone. They might not be so eager or trusting at first considering you're a new person, but don't give up! Make them know you can be a good match.

Once you've talked to them a couple of times and have gotten to know them, start hanging out with the person. Ask to go see a movie with them. In this case, let them come along with their friends from that group. By this way you will soon join the group.

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