The internet today has been the greatest and largest market for all those businesses out there. It's a growing trend and many business enterprises choosing to sell their product through the internet. The buying, selling and, marketing of products and services over the internet is what is termed as eCommerce. This type of business trend has been known for its amazing returns at a very low cost. For most businesses today, the idea of creating a store for their products is a thing of the past as they alternatively decide to create online stores where their customers can access from the comfort of their homes.

However, the venture is accompanied by challenges of its own kind as well. The online web stores are available for all but the challenge is reaching more number of customers that may not have an idea of what services you provide. In that case, you need to generate as many leads as possible to ensure that the uninformed visitors of the internet can access your website and services. Generating leads to most may sound like a difficult thing to do, but actually it's quite simple. Leading eCommerce companies have admitted to the following methods of generating leads as the best eCommerce solution.

Tell a friend policy:

When you get visitors to your online web store, you should always use that to your advantage. To those that come into your website you can suggest to them to tell their friends by using social media links for them to use. To ensure that the frequency in which they tell friends, you can suggest incentives for them. You can offer discounts to those that share your online web store information most to friends. You can even convince them that the friends that visit the online store due to their invitation will earn them more discount and offers.

The newcomer offers:

In your internet advertisement you can use the newcomer incentive approach. You can generate more lead by offering better offers and discount for visitors that come into your store for the first time. You will most definitely get more visitors as a result of the new comers sharing the best incentives they received from your online web store.

The 1-800 number strategy:

It has been proven by many other successful eCommerce websites that displaying your contact number at the top or at a significant position on your website is a positive way to generate more leads. This is attributed by the fact that most people prefer to have a tangible conversation because they feel more inclined that your goods are legitimate if they can hear it themselves and not from words on a screen

Pop-ups and behavioral targeting:

Psychologically, it’s proven that people are more prone to browse around pages that are appealing. Therefore, you need to have interesting content that will keep people on your website for longer. Lastly, another way to generate leads is by use of popup ads on famous websites. You can use popup adverts to lure people into your managed online store. You must ensure that your popups are of an attractive nature to generate more leads.

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