If you live in Michigan, you better get your Citizens insurance
No doubt Michigan is the mother of modern cars. Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge motors are the most common in Michigan. Residents of the state have an extraordinary love for cars and little wonder why Detroit is also called "Motor City." With a population of over 10 million residents, the number of cars is about the same, and every of these cars needs an insurance coverage in agreement with the insurance laws of the state. However, owing to the present dwindle in the economy; the state has had rough times in the past few years which have kept the big question in the minds of vehicle insurance policyholders.

How do we get a low-cost car insurance policy in Michigan?

In the private sector, the average annual wage is about $49,000; approximately $5,000 less than the average public sector wage. Even with the low-income rate in this state, car insurance rates in the same state have taken an upward slope and even ranks among the most expensive in the US.

Recently, a consumer study was carried out, and comparison was made of quotes from the top automobile insurance firms in Michigan. And all through the various categories, the company with the best rates was Hastings Insurance. The survey revealed a wide price margin between firms like State Farm and Hastings Mutual; the former (State Farm) charging over three times the rates of the later (Hastings Mutual) for Michigan's monthly insurance. Although Hasting Insurance does not have a wide reach and may not be as big as other firms like Allstate and Farmers, you will be saving about $1,000 on annual premiums. You may want to try out a personal comparison of about ten quotes from different insurance companies offering Citizens insurance in Michigan.

Requirements for Michigan Car Insurance

Car Owners or drivers in Michigan have the least amount of auto insurance as stipulated by officials of the state. The minimums are:
• Property Damage Liability Coverage $10, 000
• Bodily Injuries Per person $20, 000
• Bodily Injuries for all victims in an incident $40,000

In your search for Michigan Citizens Insurance, have it in mind that these are, but state minimums and getting a proper coverage may require additional coverage. A good coverage should be tailored to adequately protect your health-wise, provide adequate protection for your assets and properties in the event you get sued for a huge amount. In fact, the insurance coverage that you should consider is one that covers practically all, or at least, most of your assets as well legal representation.

Living in Michigan, drivers must always ensure to have their Michigan citizens Insurance I.D cards while driving. If an officer halts a motorist and he has no insurance proof, this may lead to suspension of their license, payment of a fine and towing of the vehicle. The court may also demand six months pre-paid insurance for uninsured drivers who wishes to renew their license. Now, with the huge amount of money paid as penalties, it wiser to get coverage before driving. Check out Go auto insurance now for rate comparison and save up to $500 or even more online.

Prevailing Fraud in Michigan Citizens Insurance

Insurance fraud has caused a lot of problems lately in Michigan. This issue costs policyholders millions of dollars annually, thereby increasing the general insurance cost. Most common among the numerous fraudulent practices are staged accidents and reports of theft of vehicles whereas they got hidden. Also, some people give a fake residential address so as to get cheaper premiums. However, insurance companies have introduced some measures to tackle these criminal acts, but due to the situation of the economy, more and more people are engaged in such fraud.

Best Selling Car in Michigan

In Michigan, the most popular vehicle in terms of sales is not a truck or a foreign plate. The Ford Fusion is rated the bestselling car in the state. Ford Fusion has a combination of high performance, a moderate price, and a great gas mileage. Chevy Malibu and the Ford F150 truck are also popular choices.

Get Low-cost Michigan Car Insurance Online

The Economy of Michigan is in a period of rebirth. Ford and Chevrolet are making a lot of sales, and the state is attracting a lot of investors like Quicken. This economic situation has slowly but steadily increased the prices of homes in Michigan since 2010; although rates are still comparatively cheaper in Michigan.

However, the increase in insurance fraud, accidents and theft has made vehicle insurance rates in the state higher than that of other states. Well, if you are a smart shopper, there are still some great deals for you online. Citizens insurance helps you to carry out a fast and easy insurance rates comparison within 10 minutes.

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