Email surveys are a great way to keep up with your customers and help them get the most from what you have to offer. You can't give people what they need if you don't know what that is, after all. Taking the time to create effective surveys can help you get a better sense of where things are at and which things need to change, if any. If you have particular questions, you can get them answered. If you just want to know what people think, you can find out. If you want to see who is paying attention, an email survey is a great tool, as well.

In order to create effective email surveys, you need to keep the questions brief and make sure that you don't take up too much of their time. People will be happy to tell you what you need to improve, but only if it isn't going to take them an hour to do it. Everyone but your very best (or very bored) subscribers will probably disregard any email survey that takes longer than five minutes. Occasional surveys via email are fine, but you also want to make sure that you don't send them out too often because that will quickly annoy people.

Here are some questions that are worthy of asking in your email surveys, which should be kept to 5-10 multiple choice or short answer questions that people don't need to spend a lot of time answering:

• What do you like about the product/service?
• What are your dislikes?
• Why do you subscribe to the service?
• How often do you visit the website?
• How often do you use the product/service?
• What improvements could be made?
• When should emails be sent?
• How do you like the site design/content?
• How do you like the email design/content/delivery?

Finally, you should include a space where people can include other thoughts, explain their answers, or provide more information. This is ideal because it allows more space for people who want it, but isn't required for those who don't have the time or desire to offer any more information. Keep it simple, keep it short, and make sure that you don't utilize these surveys too often in your internet marketing. You can use the results that you get to make changes, know what is working with your website/product/email campaign, and see where your subscribers stand on the issues that matter most to them.

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