How To Get More Attention From Husband: When Your Husband Doesn't Give You Attention - Not Getting Enough Attention From Husband

Every time you enter a new dating experience with someone, or at the beginning or your commitment to each other, the highs are many and the feelings run wild. You feel happy, refreshed and alive. This happens because at the beginning of any romantic connection (and definitely during the flirting stage) your body and your mind are greatly affected by 'happy hormones' and 'happy body chemicals' (such as endorphins); it's a biological phase which takes place at the beginning of every romantic liaison, during which you feel alive, cheerful and full of energy.

During the initial attraction phase and at the beginning of any romantic connection (this phase can last days or as long 1 year) you feel such a high that you are likely to believe you have found 'the one', the love of your life. But, and you need to accept this, all those great feelings have nothing to do with love. Having those feelings for someone does not mean that you love that person. It just means you are experiencing those crazy hormones due to the initial attraction phase (they are actually basic animal-type hormones biologically created to help us procreate): nothing to do with love. Some people are addicted to those hormones and they hop from one boyfriend/girlfriend to the next in order to feel 'swept off their feet'. Some people are so unaware that this is taking place that they fall in and out of love and, often, blame it on the other person!

So, when your marriage or romantic connection has hit that 'dead' zone, you need to learn to create real love within it: ideally you should be aware of these phases and should work towards building love from day one of your romantic connection, not only from the day the passion is gone.

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One of the saddest things that anyone can suffer in life is the breakup of a marriage. Invariably, breakups occur because one partner reaches a stage where they need to move on. Breakups occur every minute of the day and every day of the week. Some are predictable but some are not.

My closest friend recently had a split from his wife of over 25 years. The actual split did not come as a surprise as I was told by my friend that his relationship was in trouble two years previously. When he first told me, I was shocked because, on the surface they seemed to be a happy couple. As I started to think about their relationship, I started to see why my friend was having difficulties. The constant put downs in front of me and my wife when we were out to dinner, the lack of attention to each other (not holding hands, etc) and the absence of closeness all made sense when I thought about the times we shared in the past.

After the split, my friend outlined many of the difficulties that he and his wife had over the years. It really is amazing as to what goes on behind closed doors when a couple's marriage is in trouble. Marriage counselling didn't work and while his wife was happy to continue on in the unhappy relationship, my friend had simply had enough. Married men never leave without having a reason and while my friend would have loved nothing better than to make his marriage work, he simply could not stay any longer.

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The lesson to be learnt here as to why married men never leave without a reason is that the minute something is not right in a relationship, then one of the parties needs to do something about it before the problem gets out of control. My friend openly admits that he should have taken action years ago when compromises were being made. Too many of us are prepared to sweep things under the carpet, when in fact, issues should be out in the open and addressed in an honest and mature way. If you are not happy in your relationship for whatever reason, you need to speak about it and resolve the matter. If you don't, then other compromises get made and before you know it, you are just a shell of your former self.

True love is about caring for each other and treating each other with love and respect. If your relationship has a solid foundation, then when issues arise, you have a basis on which to resolve your issues. Good marriages are where problems are solved by working together and where each party is able to learn and grow from their mistakes.

Married men never leave where there is love, respect and understanding. Make sure that your marriage is built on the right foundations and you will see firsthand why married men never leave a loving, caring relationship where each party is loved and respected for who they are.

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Your relationship is going very badly but you don't want a divorce. If you are asking what you can do, here are three ways to help to stop it. If you have already got to the point of no return, nothing can stop your divorce but hopefully you are not yet at this point. Relationships usually start having problems long before this point.

1. If your partner is looking for a divorce, and you are not, you would be well advised to avoid talking about your relationship for a time and above all don't go on about why you don't want a divorce.

Just tell your partner you don't want a divorce. You may mention that many relationships traverse similar periods and still stay intact, but leave it at that.

Your partner is going get more and more frustrated if you keep on giving reasons for wanting to stay together and you turn him off any remote thoughts he might have about staying together. What you have to do is to make him want to stay with you.

When you are complaining and getting at him all the time, it will only send him further away. If you are like this all the time, it may be a reason why there are problems in the relationship.

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2. You have to let him see the best that you can show him. No doubt when you met him you were not always complaining because you wanted to put up a good impression in order to get him. As the marriage moves on the relationship becomes mundane and there is no longer any competition, so you start complaining and getting at him.

You've got to get back to behaving as you did when you were first going out together. You have now to fight to get him back loving you. So start to be loving and kind with him and he will likely be thrilled to see the difference.

This is all part of being a pleasant person to be with. When he suggests something that you don't agree with, don't jump down his throat. When you do this regularly your partner is going to end up with the impression that he is wrong every time he opens his mouth.

3. You are going to have to learn to accept your partner's suggestions even if you don't agree with them, if you don't want a divorce. Don't forget you are trying to save your marriage.

You have to make every effort to save the marriage for the moment; later you will not have to agree with all he says.

So cut out the complaining and be more agreeable, and all this with a smile, if you don't want a divorce.

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If you think it's time you save marriage and stop divorce while getting back to a good relationship with your spouse, your next course of action will depend on the damage and deterioration that has already occurred in the marriage, as well as if any legal proceedings have begun. If the divorce papers have already been signed, unfortunately there is nothing left you can do in order to prevent the end of the marriage. However, if those divorce papers haven't bee signed yet, it might still be possible to salvage the marriage.

Even if you have been in the midst of a long and difficult divorce proceedings with your spouse, if you have a change in the way you feel and decide that you want to try and save the marriage, simply speak to your spouse and let them know exactly how you feel. This conversation is something that is best done without your attorneys present; keep it a moment that is completely private, you don't need anyone else there who might try to influence your decisions. Don't think that divorce attorneys all want to see an end to their client's marriage, by the way, there are many who would be genuinely happy to hear that the couple has found a way to work out their differences and save the marriage.

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It can be difficult to have to open your heart up and expose your true feelings; especially if the relationship has already come to the point where a permanent separation seems to be the only answer. However, if you truly want to save your marriage and get your spouse back, then you will need to be honest and let them know how you feel.

While this will certainly leave you vulnerable and at risk of them rejecting you, at least you have the comfort of knowing that you tried and you will not have to regret not making the move to save the marriage. If your wish to salvage the marriage comes true and the two of you agree to stop your divorce proceedings n order to give the marriage another chance, all you will need to do will be to let your respective attorneys know what your decision is and they can help you deal with any legal issues that will be necessary to handle.

If your spouse is threatening to file for divorce, but hasn't taken the big step of actually hiring an attorney yet, ask them if they will first go with you for counseling. Many couples have found that they can solve a lot of their issues this way, and they choose to work on their marriage rather than end it. A qualified professional can help you by providing guidance in working through some of your issues. It can also be very therapeutic to speak with a third party about your personal issues. This person is not there to take sides and will not become emotionally entangled in the situation like friends and family typically do.

Maybe your spouse is not comfortable speaking with a counselor, but they are willing to still try and save the marriage. It will take a lot of time as well as effort from the two of you.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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