How To Get More Oral Sex - How to Get Your Wife / Girlfriend Interested in Giving You Oral Sex - Get Her To Give You Oral Sex

Hey man,

I'll tell you exactly how you can get your wife interested in giving you oral sex. Your wife isn't giving you oral for one of the following 8 reasons.

1. She believes that giving oral sex is only done by prostitutes that it's "degrading" and/or disgusting

2. She isn't interested in giving you oral because she doesn't see what's the "point" in putting in the effort into something that she considers "not worth it." Later I'll explain you how You can make it worth it to her

3. Your wife is inexperienced and rarely gave oral sex to anyone, she's scared of making an oral sex failure out of herself and embarrassing herself

4. She is too self conscious, maybe she's overweight, or she just has no self-confidence so she feels inadequate or thinks she looks silly/stupid when she's giving you oral sex

5. She's really bad with giving you oral sex, and people don't like doing what they are bad at

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6. Your penis is too hairy, too smelly and you aren't attractive to her at all anymore because you don't take care of yourself and other women also don't find you attractive

7. Giving you oral doesn't turn Her on because you ask her to do it, beg for it and put yourself in a low-power position in your relationship. Cheap persuasion tactics and bribes rarely, if ever, work. Usually they only get you even less oral sex.

8. She has no idea how important getting good head for you is and she also doesn't know how giving you great oral sex can transform your relationship. On the other hand, you don't know how to persuade her to fall in love with giving you oral by brainwashing her and rewarding her when she behaves how you want her to ( e.g. gives you great oral sex )

These are 8 common reasons why your wife isn't interested in giving you head, yet. I'll tell you how to solve 3 of the reasons listed above just to get you started.

1. You can solve the first thing ( her thinking that oral sex is degrading/just for prostitutes ) by being as non-judgmental as possible. If she thinks that You will view her as less valuable if she talks dirty and just let's go and enjoys herself sexually - she won't do it. The only way to get her to let go and have fun instead of pressure during sex is by being relax yourself and completely confident. Love her whole body and kiss her whole body. She needs to feel that you accept every part of her.

2. Shave, shower and groom. Your penis has to be spotless and welcoming. Next, you have to become more attractive to society. Hit the gym, get a better job, make more money, get a higher status, get more social power and friends, get a hobby, travel to exotic places. All this contributes to you being more interesting and valuable. Stop watching TV all day and do something interesting with your life. Boost your self confidence and perform better in bed. All this will make giving you oral sex more interesting to your wife ( and other women as well - which will, as a result, make it EVEN MORE interesting for your wife ).

3. I forgot number five. Another thing you need to do is, again, be as non-judgmental as possible. She has to know that you won't think less of her if she gives you bad oral. You won't dump her or get divorced. Let her know that she can practice all day long on you if she wants and try making oral sex more FUN to her, not just a chore or job.

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If you go about arousing a girl in the right manner you will have her orgasming from the clitoris very soon. To be able to do this you will need to start from the very beginning.

No woman likes to embark upon the act of sex without a preliminary introduction. So, you will need to work your way up to the beginning of the main act.

Reaching a level of comfort with you- You will need to know her and afford her that level of comfort with you so she is able to relax and feel safe with you. Once she has reached that level being with you then it's a cake walk all the way. This stage, however, is very important to your being able to progress further.

Create the right ambience- Soft lighting, neat room, a bouquet of flowers and romantic music in the background sounds just perfect for the right ambience. All this will help up develop that mood for love almost immediately when she's in that room. You might even have some wine handy for the finishing touches of the ambience.

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The act of romancing- In spite of the comfort level and the ambience, you need to be romantic. Sex will not come about if the romance is missing, so gear your self for more of this. Along with the kissing and necking you will also need to appreciate and compliment her for her looks, her clothes and the colors worn, the eyes and the hair.

The foreplay takes over- The foreplay is now the mainstay of the act. You would certainly need to labor over this leisurely and extensively. No short cuts would be permitted or else you've lost everything.

The breasts, nipples and thighs will highly arouse her. It all depends on how skillfully you dwell on these parts before you move to the clitoris.

This will bring on the final mind blowing act or orgasm when this organ is stimulated. Alternate this with vaginal stimulation and see her orgasm.

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Why Clitoral Orgasms Are Not Enough To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman

70% of women have only ever had clitoral orgasms and a staggering 30% of women have never climaxed in any way whatsoever. In contrast to all of those women, there is a small group of women (approximately 30%), who have had the had the pleasure of VAGINAL ORGASMS. And here's the thing -- once a woman experiences regular vaginal orgasms, her sex-life will never be the same again. It changes FOREVER.

You see, once a woman has this type of orgasm her expectations rise. Instead of wanting one clitoral orgasm -- she will always want vaginal orgasms. They become something she day-dreams about, fantasizes about and totally wants, needs and craves. However, for women who haven't had this type of powerful orgasm, presumably they can't miss what they haven't experienced, right? No, no, no... Actually -- they can.

Read on and you'll discover why...

Female Sexuality - Here's A Sex Secret 90% Of Guys Will Never Know

Women who have never had a vaginal orgasm (and have only had clitoral orgasms) will desire and try to find a man who can give them vaginal orgasms

I understand if you are now asking: "How on earth does Adam know that?" And it's a good question, to which I have a very good answer. In my personal life and my friends and client's personal lives I have seen the same thing happen over and over again.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

If the guy gives his woman clitoral orgasms and nothing more, that woman's size drive is average and
dramatically decreases the longer she stays with the same man.

I've witnessed this happen over and over again and unfortunately seen it happen with a few women I was dating (several years back, prior to me figuring out the sex secrets to do with "vaginal orgasms").

And there's more...

50% of women admit to having cheated at least once and many of those say it was to GET BETTER SEX. Not surprisingly, whenever I've heard of women cheating -- the guy was only giving her clitoral orgasms and mediocre sex.

On the other hand, when a man is dating, in a relationship with or married to a woman and he gives her vaginal orgasms every time he makes-loves to her -- I've seen the same thing happen over and over again... that woman's sex-drive SKYROCKETS.

Such women often want to make-love every single day (often on multiple occasions).

And when the sex is good, it often takes care of 90% of the relationship outside the bedroom too -- so men who give their women vaginal orgasms usually have pretty solid, happy, fulfilling bonds with their women.

The sad fact is that the majority of guys totally suck in bed and have no idea that they can give their women
orgasms in any other way than by rubbing their clitoris's.

And if you want to totally SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman and give her the kind of sex
that will make her brag to her girlfriends about how good you are in bed -- you must give her the gift of vaginal orgasms.

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Every man may have heard about the well-known g-spot, though not all of them have found them. The g-spot happens to be the main pleasure trigger of a woman and can lead any woman of your choice to ultimate bliss. Without this spot, a woman never gets the chance to reach an orgasm and with it, she can reach multiple orgasms. Give every woman what she needs by finding out how the g-spot actually works now...

How To Satisfy A Woman When You Have Sex With Her (4 Killer Surefire Orgasm Tactics)

Tip One: Find out exactly where the g-spot is. Some men seem to think that the g-spot is easy to locate, but this isn't actually the case. As a matter of fact, a lot of men cannot find it at all because it is hidden to the human eye and cannot be visibly seen on the female body.

Thankfully, I know the methods that can help you find the g-spot and even how to know whether you are touching it or not. Basically, the g-spot can be found inside the vagina, at the roof of it. It has a kind of ribbed texture kind of like the roof of your mouth.

You may have an easier time finding the g-spot if your woman lies down on her back while you finger her. This does not make the g-spot easier to see or anything, but you will have a better time seeing her reaction if she is lying down as you try and locate it with your fingers. Once you reach the proper spot, you should be able to hear your woman moan with ecstasy while her facial expression contorts into blissful ones longing for you to keep doing what you're doing.

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Tip Two: Have her recline a little bit. Another simple way to reach the female g-spot would be with the woman sitting down and partially reclining. After doing this, you should finger her with your palms facing the sky. Afterwards, make come-hither movements with your inserted fingers and you should hit the g-spot perfectly.

Tip Three: Try things out from the back. If you would rather use your penis instead of your fingers to reach her g-spot through sexual intercourse, the perfect sexual position for you to use would be the doggy position.

Again, it would be important for you to see how she reacts after you penetrate her, though. Ideally, she'd be on her hands and knees in front of a mirror so you have the best view of her facial expressions. If you hit the right spot and keep going for quite some time, your woman is sure to reach her climax and you can then be sure that you have hit her g-spot properly.

Tip Four: Make her ride you like a stallion. One other sexual position to try out to hit the g-spot just right would be the cowgirl position. This means that your partner has to sit on you as you lie down.

Doing this will make her move just right for proper g-spot stimulation. It may be harder for you to pinpoint whether you are hitting the g-spot with your penis than with your fingers, but if you hear her moan out loud and reach numerous orgasms in a row, that would probably be it.

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