Many of the most enjoyable activities occur in the summer season. This is the perfect time to get active outdoors or simply relax in the beautiful sunshine. The healthful benefits of the sun are numerous. Here are five excellent ideas to get more sunshine this summer.

Outdoor Sports

For people who love being active, outdoor sports are a great way to soak up the sun's rays. For example, running is a rigorous outdoor exercise that may be done with headphones on. Joining a neighborhood sports team like volleyball, baseball or basketball may be a fun way to get social and meet new friends. Spending time in the water can be therapeutic. Swimming is a workout that challenges the muscles while stand-up paddle boarding requires physical balance. Nearly any type of exercise may be performed outdoors whether it's push-ups, crunches or just plain walking. Whatever it may be, just be spontaneous and get moving!

Meditation, Yoga or Martial Arts

Being outdoors doesn't need to be exciting to bring personal gratification. Peaceful activities like meditation and yoga can be uplifting and inspiring. Spiritual activities help restore the soul and replenish the body in healthful ways. Another spiritual activity is martial arts. These activities require physical and mental discipline but are easier to learn than they may seem. Become one with nature by joining a local or internet class, or even try self learning. An increasing number of people are becoming stressed from overworking themselves, school or excessive internet time and these are some of the best ways to calm a restless mind.


Now more than ever animals and the environment are in dire straits. Endangered animals, not to mention humans, need natural resources such as water and plants to survive. There is too much volunteer work to be done and plenty of it takes place in nature. Caring for animals provides companionship. Many people don't understand how human their emotions are or how important it is to take care of the earth. A fun way to get outdoors and help is to plant trees or a garden since many forests are being cut down and highways are replacing much needed vegetation. Volunteering is a positive way to build compassion for those less fortunate. It also provides skills for the workplace and sometimes leads to a paying job. Volunteering may bring meaning to an otherwise empty or ordinary life.

Study or Read

Instead of staying indoors in a drab room to study, why not take the textbook outside on the deck or in the garden? The sun will provide vitamin D while relaxing on a lawn chair or hammock. Studying may also be done at a coffee shop or restaurant with outdoor dining. Walk a nature trail and find a bench to sit on and read an inspiring book. Go hike a mountain with favorite book in tow and bask in the beautiful sun among the peaceful trees and wildlife.


There is a multitude of hobbies which may be done outdoors. Artists enjoy painting, landscape drawing or photographing nature, for example. These are peaceful activities which are mostly for people who enjoy solitude. Others like to sew or knit sweaters or blankets as gifts or for the winter to come. Pets love to spend time with their human friends outdoors such as dogs fetching a ball. Horseback riding is exciting and is a great way to ride a trail while viewing the mountain scenery. Any pool builders in Jackson Mississippi all the way to Portland can build an outdoor pool which may be a fun way to swim without the stress of attending a public pool.

These are only a few ideas on how to get more sunshine in the summertime. Remember that the sun is healthy but too much of it may also be unhealthy. Be cautious and wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing when necessary. Other ways to get in the sun include shopping and outdoor games.

Author's Bio: 

Carol Evenson is a business woman and a mom. She's spent years learning how to live a fulfilled and happier lifestyle and hopes you can too!