If you’re feeling like all you do seems to be alienating your boyfriend even further, despite the fact that your single aim would be to try and get your boyfriend back, here are some tips which may enable you to realise your ultimate goal.

Clearly the question that is foremost in your thoughts is how to obtain your boyfriend back - that’s why you’re here, right? But when you're too anxious about this and not able to behave in a rational, patient fashion, you may be pushing him even further away without having to be aware of it. It’s a natural reaction on his part, and one which you cannot fight.

Perhaps you are calling up on the phone too often - or perhaps you are writing him multiple emails every day - is the aim to somehow make him have a pity party for you personally? These are precisely the types of behaviours which you should avoid - if you’re doing it, STOP! It won’t help you to get him back.

Outlined below is really a much more prudent strategy for getting your boyfriend back.
The very first thing you must understand is that things are likely to be different. First of all, you need to get out of contact for a couple of weeks and go off and do your own thing for some time. This can provide you with a chance to consider what you can do about improving your own life, and forget about him temporarily. It will not be an easy thing to do, obviously, but once you obtain the hang of it you’ll start to realise that it is truly the most important step.

While this is happening, your ex is going to be undergoing changes in the way he thinks about you. Because you aren't there day in day out can act in your favour because you will become a little bit more mysterious to him. With a bit of luck, he may even begin to miss you - something which he wasn’t given the chance to do as you were harassing him.

What you will actually be doing here is using human nature to operate in your favour rather than attempting to combat it. Right now, you may be beginning to get a concept of how you can avoid making the mistakes that so many people make. If you are successful in adopting this new approach, it will let your ex-boyfriend to see once again the phenomenon which attracted him to you the first time around.

Try to keep yourself in check so as not to smother him - create an aura of mystique and the basic instinct within him do the rest. Playing hard to get is really a useful ploy, but you also needs to take care not to overdo it - allow him to initiate contact, and you’re well on the way for you to get him back. There'll no longer be a need for you to be asking yourself, “How can I get my boyfriend back?”.

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