How To Get My Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend To Forgive Me: How To Get Your Ex To Give You A Second Chance

Are you trying to get your ex to forgive you and take you back?

Many People Are Doing The Wrong Things

Many men and women are doing the wrong things when it comes to seeking forgiveness from their ex.

That is the main reason why they couldn't get their ex to forgive them. For example, many people do not know the right way to apologize. That is why their ex cannot feel their sincerity.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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I will share with you the right way to apologize towards the end of this article.

When done correctly, a heartfelt apology can do wonders for your relationship and your ex will definitely forgive you.

You Still Want to Get Your Ex Back

Before we continue, I am assuming that you still hope to get back together with your ex. Therefore, some of the advice you find in this article is going to be very controversial and defies 'logic'.

At the end of the day, what matter most is not how 'logical' the advice is. What you really need is advice that actually works even if it sounds controversial.

You Dumped Your Ex

(If you did not dump your ex, you can skip this part.)

Perhaps you dumped your ex and you realize that you have made a mistake.

Therefore, you may think you have to say 'sorry'. Well, that is not necessary the right thing to do.

I am not saying that you should not apologize. But that should not be the main focus. Instead, you should focus on your ex's emotions.

People fall in love with each other because of emotions, not because of apologies. For example, there may be a song that is meaningful to both of you.

You can invite your ex for a cup of coffee and get the cafe to play this song in the background. That will help to bring back the feelings.

The Right Way To Say Sorry

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that many people do not know the right way to apologize.

So what is the right way to apologize?

Well, let us look at the wrong method first.

Peter: "I am sorry for being late BUT"

Notice something here? It is the 'BUT'.

When most people apologize, they always try to find an excuse for themselves by saying this word 'BUT'.

This type of apology lacks sincerity. That is why it doesn't work. Let us look at another example.

Peter: "I am sorry for being late. You must be Feeling disappointed with me."

See the difference here?

When you apologize, you should not defend yourself with 'BUT'. Instead, you should acknowledge the feelings of the other party.

This will actually force you to put yourself in the shoes of the other party and think about how they are really feeling.

As a result, they will be able to feel your sincerity.

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Once you declare that you want to get your ex back you will be flooded with suggestions and techniques. However there is no better way to get your ex back than by trying a few psychological tricks. Here are seven such time tested tricks which will ensure your ex comes back on your terms.

Appear more than happy
Immediately after the breakup your ex will be expecting you to be despondent and miserable. However you have to deny them this pleasure. Present a happy and cheerful face each time he/she sees you. This is reverse psychology at its best.

Keep smiling
Whenever you see your ex or bump into him or her give them vibrant smile and move on. Don't exchange a word but do show that you are happy to see them. This will surely flummox them and they will start thinking about the reasons you are behaving in this manner.

No contact
While you look at them and acknowledge their presence you should avoid all contact with them. If you happen to be in the same group then change your schedules so that you don't meet your ex. However, pretend that you are just being busy and are not avoiding them. Another way to stop the contact would be if you joined a new group of friends and begin hanging out with them.

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Disappear for short time
Make sure you are seen having fun with your new group. After sometime just take off for a couple of weeks. Once you go missing your ex will begin to wonder where you have gone and he/she will begin to doubt if you went with someone of the opposite sex. Don't leave a clue as to where and with whom you have gone.

Come back and surprise your ex
After a short time come back and present yourself once again. However, this time when you see your ex do acknowledge him/her by saying "Good to see you. How have you been?" This will surely elicit an answer and you will have broken the ice.

Get back on talking terms once again
This is delicate step and you have to be very careful while executing it. Now that your ex has spoken to you and answered you, start talking to them and once again rebuild the rapport. Update them on all that happens in your professional and personal life.

Start to move on
Once your ex becomes comfortable in your company give them a hint that you want to move on and want to get into a relationship. Ask them what they are planning or if there is already someone they are seeing. Your intention to move on forever will send them the message and if your ex really likes you he/she will begin making advances to you once again.

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Make no mistakes; if you want your ex to sorely miss you, it is because somewhere you are missing him/her too. Maybe you had a fight and broke up, whatever the reason, here are some fail proof ways to drive your ex crazy thinking of you.

Become invisible for some time
This is probably one of the first things you should be doing. Maybe you can go on a holiday or something, but be sure not to come in her/his sight for some time. This will add to the intrigue on your part and also give both of you some time to ponder over your relationship.

Reappear shining and glowing
Make sure that when you put in an appearance, or rather when you allow her/him to see you, you should look like you have had a makeover, it could be a tan, a new set of muscles etc. It will surely put a lot of question marks in your exes mind as to what have you been up to.

Put in "blink and you miss me" appearances
After you have come back, don't let your ex see you immediately. You can allow yourself to be seen at a party or some social do. Ensure that your ex has taken notice of you being there but you on your part should ignore his/her presence, and if at all you feel your ex would be trying to start a conversation, quickly do the disappearing act.

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Always appear happy and cool
Ensure that you always appear happy and upbeat whenever your ex sees you, while all the while ignoring your ex. This way your ex might feel he/she is missing out on something without you for company.

Friends to the fore
Make use of your common friends to help you in your scheme of things. This might call for some manipulation and you will have to do it discreetly so that things do not backfire. Make sure that your friends speak plenty and well of you when your ex is around.

Learn to persevere
Of course you will have your weak moments when you would feel like throwing in the towel and calling off your act. Remind yourself that you are doing this for a better understanding between the two off you.

Too busy to breathe
After all this there is a very good chance that your ex will try to get into touch with you. At this time you have to play hard to get. If your ex calls you just ignore the calls or when on the rare occasion that you would take them, pretend to be busy. By this time you can be sure that your ex is missing you like crazy.

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You did breakup with your partner and now you notice that he/she is sending you signals that indicate his/her intention to get back. You too feel the same however; you are in double mind as you don't want to go through the heartbreak all over again if things don't work out. Here are seven things you need to consider before you decide which way you want to go.

Why do you want to get back?
You will have to honestly assess why you want to get back. Is it the financial security your ex offered or is it that you miss your ex too much? Is it love that calls you or is it that you are bored of living all by yourself. All these questions need to be answered and if you feel that you and your ex should get back because you have deep feelings for each other then you should definitely get back.

How was it before the breakup?
This is very easy to determine. Did your ex love you as much as you did them? Did your ex love you without any preconditions? If the answer to all these questions is no then there is no point in going back. However, if there was no abuse in your relationship and your partner did love you unconditionally then you should definitely get back should the opportunity present itself.

Were you on the same page?
If you and your ex treated each other with respect except for the occasional argument then you should definitely get back together. If you were emotionally and mentally on the same page then you will have a decent run this time around.

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Sexual compatibility
If you and your ex shared a good sex life and there were no issues on this count then there is no harm in reuniting with your ex.

Are you prepared to sacrifice?
Getting back together will involve some sacrifices that you will have to make. If you feel that you are game to do that then getting back is a good idea.

Did you feel safe?
If your ex has treated you well and with respect and there was no hint of physical abuse in your earlier relationship then you can most certainly think of getting back together.

Love and commitment
How much do you love your ex? Is it love? Or do you just want to fill the void? Answer these questions honestly and only when you are satisfied with the answers should you take the next step and reunite with your ex.

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