What is Resume?
It is a document written by an individual searching for a job describing about the existing skills and qualifications to attract the employer. It is sometimes written from the professional resume writers. Remember that it is the only means by which employer will know you. A good resume will create a positive image in the eyes of employers. As it is your first impression, you don’t want to make it bad. Hence, it is necessary that your CV is written with accuracy and include the details necessary for the applied job. You can refer the sample resumes to know how the details are listed and what things are eliminated.
Need of Resume
Whenever you apply for any job, employer will demand your CV. It is required for almost every job. It is used for promoting you in the job market. It talks all positive things about you and convinces the employer to hire you. A good resume can single handily get you the desired job opportunity. It is necessary when you are out in the market searching for a job.
Type of Resumes
Resume is required for every type of job you apply. It is required for engineering jobs, medical jobs, pharmacy jobs, accounting jobs, management jobs, etc. There are different ways of writing resumes for these positions. You need to know the tips for writing the CV for the position of your interest. There are different requirements of these varied jobs and hence, you need to draft your CV according to these necessities.
There are different formats for presenting your information in the CV. The three major formats in use today are:
Chronological format
Functional format
Combination format
Out of these formats, chronological format is best suitable for the fresher jobs as it focuses on the skills of the applicant rather than on professional details. Functional format is used in case of frequent job hopping or large employment gaps in your work history. This format can hide these details as you don’t have to list the corresponding employment dates. Combination format, as the name suggests, is the combination of above both formats. It is becoming popular as it provides the benefits of both CV formats.
You can choose any format according to your convenience and need. Make sure that the one you choose highlights your details in an efficient manner.
Resume Tips
When you are applying for any position, thousands of other candidates also make an application. Your resume is mixed with other resumes and employer goes through every resume in short time. They spend less than a minute’s time on every CV and short list the candidates that they find suitable for the job position. As they view your CV for such short time, it is your responsibility to present your details in such way that it interests the employers to know more about you and they give you an interview call. Follow some basic but important tips to make your resume attractive and have impact. Here are some tips to help you draft a perfect resume.
Choose the Appropriate format
For better visual appearance, it is important to choose the appropriate format for listing your details. Any format you choose, just make sure that it suits your details and highlights your skills in the best possible way
Be specific in listing the details
Be specific in listing your details. Do not provide vague details. Suppose if you are applying for an engineering position in any company, describe clearly what position you are seeking in the company
Do not use generic resumes
Do not write generic resumes and use it for every job you apply for. Write a CV, targeting the particular job and including the details as expected by the employer
If you follow all the basic tips correctly, your CV will definitely get attention of the employer. Make sure to include the details according to the job requirements.

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