Do you struggle learning how to get organized at work? Your day to day activities and follow ups can build an incredible amount of paperwork this can be a serious hindrance to getting organized. A tickler system can remind you of all your important follow-ups and other tasks that will need your attention at a future time. This is how you should use your tickler file system.

Set up Your Tickler System
Looking for a plan on how to get organized at work? Start with the set up of your tickler system. In order to execute this system you will need to buy plastic tabs, hanging files and containers to store them in. Use an accordion file to set up your tickler system in. The file needs in it a tab for each day of the current month (1-31), and also tabs for each month of the current year (January - December). You will personalize the next section based on your needs at work. Behind the accordion file you will have hanging files with tabs. These hanging files can be specific to the repetitive actions that best describe your work. This could be any number of actions. For example calls to make, calls expected, bills to pay, data entry, expense reimbursement, read, to write, and so on.

I think there are two main reasons that people collect paper everywhere rather than put it in a filing system. They are terrified they will never find their papers again is the first. Customize a system specifically with your needs in mind and you will never lose paperwork again. And second, they don’t want to act on the paperwork, they are procrastinating! A tickler system will make taking action both simpler and easier. When you know exactly what you have to do for the day you won’t dread it quiet so much.

You have to check your tickler file system every day. Checking daily is the only way the system works! I recommend this method for developing a habit; schedule a daily appointment with yourself. Either write it on a paper calendar, or set an alarm in your computer or phone. Whatever works for you so that you are reminded to check your tickler file daily for an entire month. After a month it should be an automatic habit. If you begin slipping and missing days go back to scheduling a time on your calendar. This is you making a real commitment to get organized at work.

Find a spot for your tickler system that is convenient to check every day and also to file things into it. For you this may be a desktop file frame or your desk drawer. Your system has to be easy to get to if you want to stop more papers from stacking up all around you. An easy to get at system means you stop put off the chore of filing. You’ve made a home for all the papers muddling up your desk, or even collecting on the floor! Phone messages, invitations, tickets, bill receipts, claim stubs, and anything that requires action by you in the future will find a home in your tickler system!

Developing a plan for how to get organized at work? Step one should be starting a tickler file system. Doing this will put your daily activities right at your fingertips. You can file those small slips of paper, phone messages to be returned, tickets for an event, ect in your tickler system. Losing a piece of paper once it is filed will be a fear of the past. You will have it on the exact day you need it again! Using your tickler file system daily at work will make you more organized.

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