Broken hearted?
Don’t worry, here 10 things that you can do in order to recover in few days:

1)Kill uncertainty: People usually accept death faster than they accept breakups because when it comes to death people are 100 percent sure that the dead person cant return back once again, in short what hates the most is the uncertainty not the breakup itself.

2)Stay away from negative media: Most people do the same mistake right after breaking up which is listening to music that contains negative suggestions such as “I cant live without him” or “my life is unbearable after her”. These messages programs the mind and prevents quick recovery

3)Don’t keep yourself busy: everyone tries to keep himself busy after a breakup but research has shown that thoughts that are suppressed become stronger then return back, focus on accepting what happened not on suppressing it.

4)Stop bargaining: don’t hold your mobile phone and wait for the person to call, don’t go to the same places you used to go to together in order to bump into him by chance but instead tell yourself that this is over

5)Know that there are other potential partners out there: The one concept is a myth, according to psychology whenever we find a person who meets the criteria stored in our brain then we will fall in love with him.

6)Restore your social life: Lots of people do the mistake of isolating themselves from friends and relatives when they get into a relationship, that makes them 100% dependable on their partner and that’s one of the main reasons they suffer when they breakup

7)Take your time to express your emotions: don’t suppress your emotions and even cry if you felt like. You have to express your emotions because the burden of suppressing them might add to your negative feelings

8)Stop stalking your Ex: whether its visiting his face book profile or asking about him these actions will result in giving your mind some more hope and that would prevent recovery

9)Build self confidence: sometimes the main reason people feel bad after a breakup is because they feel rejected not that they really miss that person, building self confidence would help you feel worthy even if you were rejected

10)Were you using the relationship as a way to escape from pain? : some people get into relationships just to escape from the pain they are experiencing in their lives. Be brave, face your life problems and learn how to be in control of your emotions that would help you from becoming dependent on a relationship. Relationship dependency is similar to drugs where people take them in order to escape from pain rather than facing their problems

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