How To Get Over A Broken Heart: How To Get Over A Break Up When You Still Love Them

Had a tough week and now you're thinking of ways on how to get over a bad breakup? It's understandable to feel depressed and disappointed about your relationship ending. But you need to overcome such feelings if you want to mend a broken heart and move on.

What's Done is Done

You need to accept what has happened and try to move past it. So things didn't work out, so it wasn't the happy ending you were expecting. You need to realize that things don't always have happy endings, especially relationships.

You can't just stand still and beat yourself up over your mistakes. Vent out your frustrations and get it out of your system. But once it's all done and you have no more tears to spare, try not to look back.

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Fear Not

Everyone who's gone through a breakup will tell you how painful it is, and this experience is enough to make you wish to never go through it again. But being afraid to try again is not the answer. There will always be disappointments and heartbreaks in life, whether it's relationships or something else.

What you can do is give yourself time to heal and move on. Don't rush into things or try to repress your feelings.


Makeovers aren't just about new looks and new outfits, they're also about self improvement. While it's great to look good, there are other ways to feel good than just a new hair cut.

Take a break from all your worries and do something fun. What are the things you enjoy doing, whether it's with your friends or by yourself? Try a new hobby or even a new career path if you think your old job is too stressful.


How to get over a bad breakup? Sometimes you just need someone to confide in, an ear that's willing to listen to your feelings. There are times when it's not a good idea to be alone and all you need are friends to offer you comfort and support.

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You like your ex, in fact you still love your ex but you just don't know the right time to bare your heart. This is as confusing as telling a total stranger you love them. However, if you follow the following seven steps it will be much easier and will yield positive results.

Not in the heat of the moment
The first precaution that you have to take is make sure that you don't immediately call your ex after the breakup and tell them you love them. If you did that he/she will question your very decision to breakup and that will not be nice. Instead let some time pass and let the tempers on either side cool down.

Let him/her reconnect with you first
The more time you spend without contacting him/her that much the better. Your ex will eventually forget the events that led to the breakup and will want to know your whereabouts. He/she will also try and reconnect with you and when that happens, don't act high and mighty instead agree to speak to your ex on and off.

Get busy with your social life
The thing that you were waiting for has happened and this should take away the heavy load off your chest. Now is the time to have a busy social life. Get going with your friends and colleagues and have a very busy life. However, do keep in touch with your ex and give them an update on all that is happening

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Include your ex in your life
If your ex notices that you are having fun he/she too will want to join in and have a good time. Well, the mouse has walked into the trap. This is the moment you were waiting for. Include him/her in your life and make sure he/she too has a good time. This will draw your ex closer to you.

Get closer to someone else
As your ex gets closer to you it will be time for some shock therapy. Surprise your ex by getting a little closer to a member from your group. Be seen with this person and spend more time with this guy/gal than you spend with your ex or other friends. This will make your ex immensely jealous.

Let your ex chase you for a while
As your ex begins to sense that you will be gone forever if they don't make a move they will begin to court you or woo you aggressively. Give them mixed signals and let them chase you for some time.

Now take your call
Once you are reasonably sure that your ex has reached the breaking point give them a lift and start flirting with them too. From now on you will have to give them equal attention. In all probability your ex will themselves confess that they still love you. All you have to do is reciprocate in a similar manner.

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Making your ex miss you like crazy after a breakup may seem difficult but in reality, a few minor things can make them go nuts for you and soon enough they are going to be wanting you back.

Change Your Looks
Once you start changing how you look, this is really going to get them wondering why you are all of a sudden changing your clothes, the way you do your hair, how you do your makeup, or anything else in general. They are going to be going crazy trying to figure it out.

This does not necessarily mean leave the state or country and stay inside forever, but just take a trip to a family member's house for a few weeks. If he sees that you are gone, he may wonder about you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the less your ex sees you, the more he's going to miss you and won't be able to wait for you to return home.

Bump Into Your Ex Nonchalantly
Without your ex knowing you are doing it on purpose, coincidentally be at a party they are at, or go to the same restaurant they are at. If you know where they work or hang out, be there on a fluke and if they see you, act as if you didn't know they were going to be there. Keep conversation short if they approach you.

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Get your Friends Involved
Without your ex realizing or catching on, have your friends talk about your talents or new things you are doing to make you seem like a much better person without your ex. They are going to want to be a part of the new you and will begin to miss the times you two shared.

Don't Contact Them
While it can seem rather tempting, do not call or text your ex. This is going to be a test, and see how long it takes them to get in contact with you. If they don't contact you after a certain period of time, you can send them something simple. See how they react.

Don't Show an Interest
The worst thing you can do is ask around about your ex. All the little tricks you are doing needs to remain a secret. If you go asking around about them, they are going to know you are still interested and it may push them away.

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Even after the breakup you are flummoxed by the signals that you are getting from your ex. You really don't know what to make of them and are confused. Although you feel happy that there is some positive movement on your ex's part you still want to be sure. Here is what will tell you if your ex really wants to get back or whether you are interpreting the signals wrongly.

Call you after a short period
After the breakup your ex calls you and asks about your well being. There is nothing to be thrilled about this as he/she may be genuinely interested in knowing that you are doing well. Don't read too much into it. Time has cured the hurt and therefore your ex is calling you.

Frequency of your ex's calls
Your ex calls you on and off but of late you realize that the frequency has increased. Well, this is good sign. You also have to consider the timing of the calls. If the calls are made during office hours then it could just be that he/she is missing you as a friend. However, if the calls are after office hours then it means your ex is missing you as a partner and this is definitely good news for you.

Content of the calls
You also have to analyze the content of the calls. If your ex wants to get back with you then the calls will be innocuous in the beginning. However as time goes by and they become more and more personal and he/she shares all that is happening in their lives then it most certainly means your ex wants to get back with you.

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Meets you
Once you are on good terms and chat regularly on the phone your ex will take the next step and want to meet you. If your ex meets you in familiar places and does that regularly then it means that your ex is trying to get closer to you. If he/she is not interested in getting back with you they will make it a point to meet you at neutral places.

Frequency of the meetings
The frequency of the meetings also will tell you a lot. If the meetings are scheduled after seeking appointments then it means that your ex is just following the accepted protocol and there is nothing to feel happy about. However, if the meetings are all unplanned and look like deliberate attempts to run into you then he/she has had second thoughts and wants to come back to you.

Topics discussed
If your ex wants to get back to you then they will make it point to discuss issues closer to your heart. They will also talk of the good old times. On the other hand a person that is not interested in getting back will avoid discussing the past with you.

Body language
Your ex's body language will also tell you what is on their mind. If your ex flirts with you and tries to increase the physical proximity then it means your ex is interested in getting back. However, if your ex makes no such attempt and maintains a decent distance then it means he/she is no longer interested in getting back with you.

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