How To Get Over Shyness: How To Get Rid Of Shyness And Nervousness

Everyone deals with stress at some point in their lives, but people who want to overcome shyness will struggle with stress more often. Shy people tend to feel more stress in social situations due to their lack of self esteem, confidence, and resources that address their problems. Learning how to relax around people is a good place to start when aiming to overcome shyness.

Breathe Deeply

One of the best ways to relax when engaged in conversations and social situations is to practice deep breathing. When you breathe deep, you allow more oxygen in. Oxygen is key to easing stress and tension due to the effects it has on the nervous system. Test this out the next time you feel stressed in a situation. If you take deep enough breaths for at least a minute or two, your body's physical symptoms of stress will decrease. The most helpful tip to remember is to feel your breath expanding your stomach as you inhale - not your chest. Do you notice the difference when you breathe like this?

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Imagine and Relax

Another way to relax if you're feeling anxious is to imagine something beautiful and peaceful. What's one of your favorite places to be? Where do you feel most at ease? Tap into the feeling of being there and focus on that rather than your anxiety. If you just think about your anxiety, it will probably become stronger and more difficult to relieve. Try to relax yourself instead by imagining something positive.

Understand Your Stress

If you really want to be comfortable around people, you should be aware of what specifically causes your anxiety and shyness. Without having this knowledge, you aren't well equipped to solve the roots of your problems. Sometimes the cause of anxiety around people is low self esteem and confidence. Shyness and social anxiety are very similar in that they cause uneasy feelings in social situations; however, they vary in the level of severity.

There are more detailed, proven methods to overcome anxiety of any level that you may face in social situations. Programs are available to tell you how to use these methods, as well as when and why they are important. You can also try programs designed to reduce anxiety levels and bring you to a naturally calm state at any time. Don't make the mistakes that many shy and socially anxious people make - learn from those with experience who care about your happiness and want you to overcome shyness.

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There are millions of people who are searching for panic attack relief all around the globe. When people can not find treatment for panic disorders, the ailment can really have a negative effect on their lives. It must be realized that treating panic disorders does take some time and effort, but it really isn't that hard to treat without taking any sort of medications.

The first step in finding panic attack relief is to understand how anxiety and panic are connected. It may seem like your panic attacks are just happening out of nowhere... but they are probably happening because anxiety is taking over and causing you to freak out. What starts to happen is that you start to fear your anxiety, and then the fear just builds on itself until you cannot control it.

It's entirely possible for a person to just suffer one panic attack and be scarred for life. In some cases the fear of having another attack is so great that it leads to other conditions such as agoraphobia. The fear just starts to pile itself on, and then eventually the person cannot handle it.

The most effective way of getting panic relief is through adjusting your learned behaviors. You must address the fear that leads you to panic attacks. Many times people fear things that aren't even real. You have to figure out what is triggering your anxiety real or not and learn how to confront it head on. Relaxation techniques and imagery skills have been proven to be effective in dealing with panic disorders.

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Another thing you have to do to overcome panic attacks is to unlearn anxious habits that you have been doing for probably all of your life. You probably do these things so much that you have no clue that you are doing them.

Think about what happens to your breathing when you get nervous... You probably take short and quick breaths. This is actually bad for you. Breathing like this can make you dizzy, which in turns gives you more anxiety, which leads you closer to a panic episode.

Whatever technique you finally chose, you must realize that panic attack relief does not come instantly. You have to dedicate time and effort if you want to fight anxiety... sometimes you have to unlearn habits that you have been practicing for your whole life. But, if you are willing to put in the effort, you can easily fight panic attacks.

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I used to hate the feeling of panic attack dizziness so much... It would come on all of a sudden. I would be fine then I started feeling light headed, dizzy and a little nauseous. Then it would hit me like a ton of bricks. The world would start spinning around... At this point I would usually get scared of passing out or fainting. I felt like I was walking on a rope ladder that way swaying in the breeze.

When a person has panic attack dizziness they are dealing with the most common symptoms of the disorder. When a person gets woozy they generally get nervous and the dizziness turns into a slew of other symptoms such as chest pains, headaches, and difficulty breathing.

Whenever I would get that dizzy feeling, I was always very frightened. I mean what would happen if my legs just gave out on me and I tumbled to the ground? Would I land on my face? Would I knockout my teeth? Would people laugh at me? There were many time when the dizziness got so bad that I felt as though I was definitely going to fall over. This compounded the tight feeling in my chest and eventually I just started to freak out.

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When I actually started to research panic attack dizziness I found out that people never actually faint from the dizzy feeling. The reality of it was that y breathing started to get irregular and that was what was causing me to get light headed and on the verge of fainting.

I found that I was getting this dizzy feeling because I was breathing a million breathes a minute. I was getting so nervous that I was causing myself to hyperventilate. This heavy breathing was causing the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in my body to get out of whack. When this happened my arteries started to restrict the blood that should have been flowing to my brain. The lack of blood flow to my brain caused me to feel dizzier and dizzier by the minute.

I found that one of the simplest solutions to my panic attack dizziness was to consciously try to steady my breathing and relax myself. I really had to concentrate had on calming myself down, but eventually I got to the point where I could talk myself and my body out of getting nervous, which in turn stopped my chest pain and tension. I learned a natural and easy way to combat panic attacks as soon as they started.

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All of us have had the experience of feeling some kind of anxiety - the list really is endless, as so many things in life can give us anxious moments. However, knowing when to seek help is a question to consider if we are uncertain how serious the anxiety is. When having a panic or anxiety attack, what to do next becomes a key question.

Most people have developed their own ways of coping with anxiety that works very well to help get over the hump and on with life. The uncomfortableness that is associated with normal anxiety is considered helpful as it can be used to encourage us to study harder for a test, or remind us to be cautious when walking in a dark parking lot to our car.

4 Tips on Knowing When to Seek Help:

1) feelings of fright and dread are so severe that it upsets your daily routine and keeps you from living life as you would like

2) experiencing many symptoms of physical anxiety such as dizziness, shortness of breath, trembling, pounding heart, chest pain, swallowing difficulty

3) starting to avoid locations or situations where you have experienced a panic attack - this can become problematic as it starts to limit the choice of where to live or work, where to go for fun and enjoyment, or where to get medical help

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4) your life becomes so confined that typical activities such as driving or shopping are avoided unless you are with a person you trust (close friend, spouse)

Getting help should start with getting a medical checkup. The doctor can then decide if the anxiety is caused by a medical problem such as asthma, hyperthyroidism, or a heart condition. Your doctor may also inquire about any prescriptions, recreational drugs, herbal treatments, or over the counter medications you are taking - the reason for this is that anxiety can be caused by drug abuse and dependency, as well as side effects from medication. Additionally, too much caffeine or amphetamine abuse can create symptoms that are similar to a panic attack.

When faced with having a panic or anxiety attack, what to do next is uppermost in your mind. Once it is determined what is causing the anxiety, your doctor will be in a better position to find the best treatment available to help lessen the symptoms and allow you to regain control of your life.

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