Most of us have been heart-broken at one time or another. The pain is immense, almost unbearable. Maybe you listen to sad love songs, maybe you cry or drown your sorrows, or perhaps you just go about the day in a complete daze, hardly able to function or get motivated to do anything. You want to be with that someone, you want to call them, hear that loving voice again, feel the warmth of their embrace, be with them; and then you remember that you can no longer do that. Where there was love and happiness is now a painful void. What do you do?

Well, to get over the heartbreak, I would approach it two ways. Part 1 and Part 2. Choose a time when you can tap for at least an hour. Do one event from Part 1, then follow by Part 2. Repeat at least 3 times a week until you feel calm and centred about the whole thing.

Part 1

Work on events from childhood onwards (even if they seem totally unrelated), where you were, for example:

* Bullied (such as at school)

* Ridiculed (such as by a teacher or parent)

* Abandoned (such as by a parent)

* Told unkind things about yourself by a person in a position of authority (such as a psychologist saying you had a bad personality or a policeman saying you were rubbish)

* Seen/heard your parents arguing or being aloof to each other

Pick one event, and rate it from 10-0 or Small, Medium, or Large, and then keep tapping till it is zero. When you finish, move onto another, and so on, one day at a time, till you feel stronger and calmer. Tapping can be as simple as follows, over and over again till you are done.


¨Even though I have this feeling about this event, I am willing to love and accept myself.¨


¨This feeling about this event.¨

This may require a number of sessions. Take it easy on yourself, and take one step at a time. you can get there. This procedure also requires great gentleness. It is best to work with a practitioner for this, as a practitioner can guide you gently through the process.

Part 2

Tap the following for 10 rounds or as many as you need to get relief


¨Even though I have this [name of ex] feeling, I accept myself anyway¨


¨This [name of ex] feeling¨

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a great way to release heartbreak. It also helps you to form better, longer-lasting relationships in the future. You can download a free guide from many online resources and find out more for yourself. Or you can dive right in and work with an experienced practitioner.

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