If getting over break-ups is hard, even the thought of getting over your first love is a million times more painful. After all, there is nothing that compares to the sensation you had when you fell in love for the very first time. All the things that you read and imagined, heard in songs and watched in movies finally came true for you... 'til such time as you realized that the relationship was not meant to be!

Suddenly your world comes crashing down and you feel like there is no point in life anymore. But the sad truth is that you need to get over your first love, no matter how painful it is. Here are a few pointers you may find handy if you are coping with such a crisis in your life.

Seek support of loved ones

Most people, when they go through their first heartbreak, tend to shut themselves out from the world. It is natural not to want to speak to anyone, but by doing so you are causing yourself more hurt and pain. Instead, it is better to turn to your family and friends for support. They are the ones who love you and hate to see you hurt. All you have to do is reach out to them and they will be there to support you both emotionally and physically. Try to share your feelings with the people you are closest to. Cry your heart out if need be, and you will find yourself feeling much lighter.

Make a clean break

This is perhaps the most difficult part, but you have got to try and sever all ties. Stop all communication with your ex; block him or her on your IMs, social networking platforms and the rest. Take the help of your friends, and ask them to help you to stick to your resolve. If you keep trying to find out how he or she is doing, it is only going to increase your own pain. In order to get over your first love, you must cut all sorts of ties that bound you to him or her.

Do not succumb to a rebound

This is another difficult phase that one is likely to go through while trying to get over a break-up. One phone call from "the person" and you are ready to go crawling back! The logic you would perhaps tell yourself is that you never get over your first love, but what you will be doing is essentially fooling yourself. Remember that there was a valid reason for the break-up, and chances are that reason still exists. So you cannot tell yourself it is OK to gloss over the problem that caused you the heartbreak in the first place. Like it or not, it will come back sooner or later!

Last but not least, hold yourself up! Tell yourself that it is only going to get better from here and that every cloud does have a silver lining!

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