Your disability is a significant part of your life, and therefore it might seem that it has restricted many opportunities in your life. While this may be true in some instances, the opportunities to conquer the world still exist. Be it athletics or academics; there are hero stories everywhere to share that involve people like you who have overcome their disabilities and kicked in the doors of life with a passion.

For many, having a disability is a unique attribute that fuels the fire within. Instead of letting their disability get them down, many use it as the mechanism that drives them to become successful in their endeavors. Being in-tune with your mind and body is an integral aspect of this. It is easy to dissociate in order to numb the pain of hopelessness, but that defeats the purpose of personal growth. Being in touch with yourself, trying out new and unique ways of getting closer to your dreams, and finally consistently trying to overcome your state are the ways to move forward in your path to growth.

Consistently trying, no matter how challenging an endeavor is, can help you gain control and confidence. Consequently, these factors will create opportunities for positive development and success in work, relationships, and personal life. Today, we are fortunate enough that regardless of your disability, help exists. No matter what it is, you need help with; the help is available in some format or another. You are not alone in this journey, and shouldn't feel alone. Many individuals like you are experiencing the same thing, so finding a support group shouldn't be difficult, especially with the internet. There are sites like that are providing support for those with disabilities, if you are in need of help right now, we suggest contacting someone for assistance.

Often learning more about people with similar journeys can also instill confidence that you can do it too. We can all find inspiration in others, especially when we see people succeed in life against all the odds. Here are some examples of some very famous people who have conquered the world, and achieved their dreams, despite their disabilities:

Stephen Hawking - A world-renowned physicist, he has been diagnosed with ASL and is completely paralyzed. Yet, he overcame his debilitating condition and managed to make one of the most significant marks in the world of Science. Scientists around the world have admired his work.

Alex Zanardi - A famous F1 racer, he went through an accident and, as a result, had both his legs amputated. However, three years later, he went back to the tracks to drive with his prosthetic legs. Considering how much the body uses lower body strength when driving, for him to adapt to this challenge, makes him a remarkable example. To have lived a life without a disability, experience tragedy, overcome it, and race again makes Alex a true hero.

Shaquem Griffin - A professional football player that plays for one of the greatest franchises in NFL history, the Seattle Seahawks. Shaquem had one of his hands amputated and plays professional football without his left hand. This is remarkable, considering how many healthy athletes don't make it into the NFL.

Many such inspirational people have suffered from disabilities but managed to conquer it and make a mark in this world. Hence, you can also overcome your disabilities and use your strength to conquer the world.

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