How To Get Pregnant Naturally: How To Get Pregnant Immediately

Infertility is a condition when a woman is not able to get pregnant and not able to give birth of a new life. This is defined in two categories; primary infertility and secondary infertility.

Primary infertility- when a woman is not able to get conceive after at least one year of unprotected, well timed and regular intercourse or sex with her partner, this is called as primary infertility.

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Secondary infertility- when a women has carried the child in past but medical, emotional or physical reason is interfering in her way, and she is not able to get pregnant now, this is known as secondary infertility.
There are several factors of infertility. In modern generation all the women try to avoid the pregnancy and they use birth control methods for a long time. Using of contraceptive pills and other birth control methods for a long time may also the reason of infertility. Some most common factors of infertility are listed below:-

• Factors related to age (after 35 or 40)
• Ovulation problems in women
• Tubal causes
• Sperm factors
• And unexplained factors.

In some cases both the men and women may be infertile and the couple's infertility arises when intercourse is done with that partner who infertile. In other case this factor is suspected to immunological or genetic. It may be that each partner is fertilized but the couple cannot able to conceive together without the cure of infertility of that partner who is infertile. Many people thinks that infertility is only women's problem but the sad truth is male infertility is also very common. However, there are all the natural methods available which can help you in get rid of both male and female infertility. Natural methods are very safe and effective to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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If you are looking for tips for getting pregnant then there is also a chance you are starting to question whether you are actually fertile. Very few that question themselves actually end up being infertile but are simply not as fertile as they could be.

One way of increasing your fertility is to eat certain foods which contain antioxidants, calcium and various vitamins which all work as fertility enhancers. Here then is a short list of foods which can help.


Green tea and orange pekoe tea (just tea to most of us) both work really well as fertility enhancers because they contain high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants help us to keep our immune system healthy and research has revealed that females that drink tea on a regular basis have a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

Foods Containing High Levels of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a reproductive hormone regulator and can be found in tuna, bananas and roasted chicken breast just to name a few.

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Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts the immune system which helps in aiding a healthy conception but research has also shown it increases fertility as well, especially in men. Vitamin C is found in fruits with citrus fruits being the best at increasing fertility.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is taken to prevent birth defects but needs to be taken before pregnancy and in the early stages. This is because folic acid helps the development of the babies neural tube which becomes the babies brain and spinal tube. Folic acid can be taken as a supplement or found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and in orange juice.


Water is needed to grow a baby so it is good to get into the habit of consuming lots of water before even becoming pregnant. Try to drink at least 6 and 8 cups of water a day.

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I recently heard from a woman who wanted for me to help her pinpoint the very best day for her to get pregnant with or conceive a girl baby. It seemed like she wanted for me to come up with a concrete date and day. This was a very difficult request without having more information about ovulation times and PH levels.

Of course, it's appealing to think that you could just come up with an arbitrary day that would be the best one to get you a daughter. But, this usually is the exception rather than the rule. Determining the optimal day to conceive a girl baby often requires careful testing and tweaking. I will explain this more in the following article.

Using Technology And Science To Pinpoint The Best Day To Conceive A Girl Rather Than A Boy Baby: I get asked a lot about numerology, Chinese calendars and astrology as these things relate to your baby's gender. Although these things can be fun, they really don't take any of the scientific reasons which are behind your conceiving a girl into account.

If you want a daughter, what needs to happen is that you need for an X sperm chromosome to fertilize your egg. It can't be a Y chromosome instead because this result in a boy conception. You can rely on luck and hope for the best. Or, you can use tools and what we know about the X chromosomes to increase your chances in a very concrete and deliberate way.

For a girl conception, you need early intercourse that occurs before ovulation. This can be tricky since a lot of the more widely known and popular ovulation predictors only work to tell you when ovulation has occurred (which would be too late in this case.) In my opinion, you'll usually get better results will the lessor known saliva predictors if you want a girl.

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Another thing that you need to conceive a girl is an acidic PH. You can typically achieve this through diet and douching. But again, you can use technology to help you. There are PH testing strips that will tell you your levels before and after you start any regimen. You can use them to help you determine what is working for you and what isn't. Some foods are acidic before you eat them but turn alkaline when digested. The strips can help you to determine which foods or douches work uniquely best for you.

When The Optimal PH And The Ovulation Days Intersect, That's Your Perfect Day On Which To Conceive A Girl: I always tell people to shoot for conceiving around three days before ovulation. The saliva predictors have little charts which show you how the slide should look each day before ovulation. It's not that difficult to match them up to tell where you are in your cycle.

While your watching your ovulation cycle, you should also be monitoring your PH. Because there will be a day (or a couple of days) when you see that you're where you should be in terms of your egg. This will be the day that you should have intercourse. At the same time, your PH should also be at the optimal level. When the two intersect, this is the day (or few days) that you are shooting for.

This could be Monday the 4th. Or Sunday the 12th. The moon could be full or not. It make happen on the last day that you would've expected. To me, it doesn't matter in the least what the calendar says. What matter is what the ovulation predictor and the PH test strips say. I find it much preferable to use technology for the answers rather than other external things which are fun but are not based on science.

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It's not uncommon for me to hear from couples or hopeful mother's-to-be who ask me things like: If I conceived a baby next month, would I have a boy or a girl?" Or, "if my baby was conceived under a full moon, is it more likely to be a girl?" Or, "if my Chinese astrology sign is a dog but my husband's is a sheep, will we have a boy or a girl?" Another example is: "if I'm a Gemini and my husband is a Scorpio are we more likely to have a son or a daughter?" Finally, I might hear "where can I get a astrology chart to help me conceive a boy or a girl?"

All of these questions imply that astrological signs or the stars have some influence on your baby's gender. While thinking about astrology as it relates to your baby's sex can be fun and amusing, I personally have to question that it has any real or scientific influence on whether you have a boy and girl, especially since it's so very easy to combine science with the stars and have as many bases covered as possible. I will explain this more in the following article.

Why Your Baby's Gender Is Determined By More Than The Astrological Stars: I realize that embracing astrology means that you place your scientific beliefs on the back burner at the time. But, please hear me out as I explain the science behind your baby's gender. It works this way. The father of the baby will have two different types of sperm chromosomes - X and Y. A healthy man will have equal numbers of each. Once you ovulate and become fertile, these sperm will race to fertilize your egg. If an X wins out, then you will be parents to a girl. If it's a Y, then that baby will be a boy.

As I said, the vast majority of men have equal numbers of X's and Y's. There have been scientific studies about this. Scientist have even tested men with three babies of the same gender to see if those same men had more chromosomes of one gender over another. (For example, a man who had at least three sons would be tested to see if he carried more Y's.) And, these studies have shown that, even in these men, the ratio of X to Y remains constant and mostly equal.

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Now, although this ratio remains consistent, there is a little more than luck involved when it comes to whether you'll conceive a boy or a girl. How acidic the mother's vaginal tract is can influence if it's the Y or the X that makes it to the egg first. (An acidic one favors a girl baby and an alkaline one favors conceiving a boy.) Also, when you conceive and whether this is before or after you ovulate can also have an effect.

If you're looking to the stars as an influence to your baby's gender, this would assume that the stars influence the man's X to Y ratio or the stars affect when the woman ovulates or whether your vaginal PH is acidic or alkaline. This is a pretty tall order about which I have my doubts.

But for the sake of argument, conceivably, you could certainly test this out for yourself. Theoretically, you could test your vaginal PH before astrology is telling you the time is right and then test again (without making any dietary or douching changes) to see if any changes occurred on their own. But, if you found that your PH was all wrong anyway, you'd potentially have wasted a lot of time just to test a theory.

Combining Astrology And Science When Trying To Influence Your Baby's Gender: This is why when people tell me that they 100% believe that astrology has some real influence on their baby's gender, I suggest that they consider combining astrology with science. Who's to say that you can't use astrology to help you pinpoint the perfect day to get pregnant while also making sure that your PH and your timing is correct? In this way, you're covering all of the basis and you're controlling what you can.

Although the scientific learner in me has some doubts about astrology, I concede that it's fun and intriguing. And I certainly don't see the harm in combining both methods.

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