Google playstore is the one-stop solution for downloading android applications for most of us. But, there are plenty of useful apps that aren’t available on playstore. One such application that we’re going to talk about in this article is, Redbox TV.

Why Redbox TV Isn’t Available on Playstore?

Redbox TV and plenty of similar applications are banned from Google play store. Google hates piracy and that is the reason why such apps are banned. You won’t be able to download Redbox TV from Google play store ever. However, you can still get the app by downloading its apk and later installing it in your android device.

How to Download Redbox TV Apk for Android – The Process

Redbox TV apk for android can be downloaded easily through a third party website. Most of us have downloaded and installed APKs in the past and the method is similar for Redbox TV APK as well.

However, if you’re not familiar with APKs and their installation procedure, here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow:-

1. Firstly, you’ll need to give your android device permissions to install APKs from unknown sources. This can be done by turning on the “unknown sources” option. Just go to settings, select “security”, then either check the unknown sources box or slide the slider to the right to turn it on. Once done, your device has the permissions.

2. Now, launch a browser and go to Now, in the search box, search for “Redbox TV apk for android”. Once you hit enter, you’ll be able to see plenty of results. Make sure you select the right website as some of them might contain viruses instead of the apk. To be sure of the safety, check whether the file that is being downloaded contains the word “redbox”.

3. Now, once you have selected the right website and downloaded the apk, next step is to install it. You can do so by opening the downloaded apk. When you tap on the apk, an installation window will appear on the screen. Click on “install” and begin the installation procedure.
4. Redbox app will be installed in a few minutes or seconds depending upon your device. Once installed, you can launch it either through the shortcut created on the homescreen or through the icon in the app drawer.

Redbox TV for Android – Key Features

Clean and Simple User Interface

Redbox TV app has a very simple, yet, appealing UI. Channels are categorized in a proper manner that makes browsing through the app very simple. You won’t ever find any difficulty while navigating through the app.

Supports External Players

Despite having a default media player of its own, Redbox TV app for android supports almost all the major external media players. There are hardly any errors or problems that you’ll face while streaming through external players. However, the default player isn’t bad at all and is worth a shot.

Safe to Use

Redbox TV isn’t legal but is completely safe to use. Most of the similar apps might affect the functioning of your system but this isn’t the case with this app. This app is free from all the viruses and malware of all kinds.


Google playstore is the preferred option for downloading apps but isn’t the only one. Apps like redbox TV aren’t available on playstore and that is when APKs come into play. You can download Redbox TV apk for android by following the above mentioned step-by-step procedure. This method is completely safe and is pretty easy to follow. Let us know in the comment section if you face any problem while downloading or installing Redbox TV app for android.

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