How to get rid of a man. Many women who are single make it their aim to get a man. Unfortunately some of them become so obsessed with the idea that being single is awful that they rush into anything with any man. Many of the problems that women have when it comes to emotional problems and relationship issues stem from rushing into something with the wrong person and then staying with them even though everything tells them that it will not work. That - and this everlasting problem of being very needy and then transferring all of that onto the new man, who then runs a mile.

But sometimes there are married women who are quite happy with their husband who get unwanted attention from a selfish man who is only thinking about how much he fancies her. He may be fixated on her, he may feel he is in love, he may be in lust, he might be infatuated, but no matter how much the wife tells him that she will not have an affair with him or sleep with him he continues to push and not take for an answer. Not only is it insulting but it can be emotionally draining and very irritating.
And many women who end up in this situation start to feel that maybe it is somehow all their fault. Maybe they have encouraged this man.

If they have already had some sort of fling with this guy, or they had some sort of affair or relationship and they want to finish it, but the man will not take no for an answer, then it became nothing but a nuisance and it can be embarrassing. A woman who is in a relationship already and does not ant to end it can have a lot of upset and problems when another man continues to pester her or pursue her.

Unfortunately, some of the women who end up in this situation are not assertive enough with this man. If the man keeps texting them and saying things like "hi babe, please just meet me one more time, just for a drink, no more, I promise, we can say goodbye on good terms" they often fall for it. It is quite naive to believe that this guy who is so keen will walk away that easily. But in their effort to get rid of him they want to believe that the man will. That he will keep his promise.So they meet him that "one more time" only to find that he is nagging them again and then wants more and more "one more times". Hardly surprising.

In cases like this turning up to see the guy is sending him mixed messages. He sees you turning up as encouragement. That you are sending mixed messages.
As far as he is concerned if you turn up or you text back or you chat nicely to him then you must want him and you must be playing hard to get when you say no. So you need to be assertive and say no firmly and stick to it.
And then refuse to meet again or keep discussing it. And if he continues to text you you ignore the texts.If necessarily you block his number or you change your number. You have to give him the same message all of the time... no, no, no. If you even smile at him or give him five minutes of your time to him this is encouragement and wipes out all of the nos.

Never fall into the trap of having long chats with him about why you want to end it. Or why you do not want to go out with him or sleep with him. A lot of men who have been rejected try to twist it into how you must justify your decision. So you might say "sorry I never date married men / men who are forty years older than me / men who do not work " and he will say ah but you are wrong to think that and go on, trying to make you feel as if you are not allowed to refuse to date married men or men who are old enough to be your grandfather! Ridiculous. You can refuse to see someone for any reason that chooses you and you are not obliged to justify it or explain it. It might be the most ridiculous reason, but it is up to you.

Once you have decided that you do not want a certain man tell them no, stick to it and avoid any contact with them.

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