When it comes to acne and pimples, the struggle is definitely real. These breakouts can ruin your best of days be it your date, a picnic, a party, and the list goes on and on. And that’s why ‘How to get rid of acne?’ is always a hot question.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be surprised when we say that the reason behind your breakouts is no one else but you. But don’t panic! To help you out with this annoying problem, we have come up with an expert guide that will provide you with a list of tips and solutions.

So before you get more frustrated and pop another zit only to make it worse, let’s start with the guide.

1.     Use a Cream or Gel That Treats Them

First of all, if you are suffering from a whole lot of acne and pimples and you feel that you need treatment before prevention, then you must go for some medications that are suggested by the dermatologists. These medications are available in the form of creams and gels. With proper usage, they really help with these zits.

One such cream is the Tretinoin Cream. You can just search tretinoin cream buy online and get it delivered right at your doorstep. It is a great way to treat acne and if used religiously, it really shows improvement in the condition of your acne.

2.     Always Wash Your Face Before Sleeping

The skin on your face has to go through a lot just like you do. All the pollution in the atmosphere, the dirt and skin’s own oil blocks the pores of the skin and blocked pores are a doorway to acne and pimple breakouts. So washing your face every night before you go to sleep, helps your pores sleep peacefully too. No matter how lazy you feel after coming back late from the party, go wash your face if you want a flawless skin.

Another way is to stack up cleansing wipes right beside your bed. Be sure to have a clean face before you doze off.

3.     Be Gentle with Your Skin

Scrubbing your skin too hard leaves it dry and red. Moreover, if you already suffer from acne, harsh scrubs and cleansers will further worsen your condition. Be sure that you use a mild cleanser if you have sensitive skin or else it will cause further irritation. Also, if you use your hands to wash your face, make sure they are clean or else you will add more acne-causing bacteria to your skin.

4.     Exfoliate, But Don’t Over-Exfoliate

Every skincare expert would tell you that if you want a flawless skin, exfoliate! And that’s true as well. But many of us take it extra seriously. We tend to over-exfoliate. And that’s what worsens the condition of our skin. Exfoliation helps us get rid of the dead skin on our face but over-exfoliation makes our skin dry and pale. So exfoliate once a week, according to your skin type.

Also, one must exfoliate after the wash. Which means that you should exfoliate after you’ve washed your face with a mild face wash. There is a simple logic behind that. When you exfoliate, you want a clean canvas so that the exfoliator works properly and digs out all the dirt from the pores.

5.     Clean Your Phone

Your phone is another cause of your breakouts. You keep touching your phone throughout the day and when you bring it to your face to make a phone call, you deliver the bacteria right where it should not be. On your face. However, you cannot stop using your mobile altogether. But what you can do is clean your phone too. Use antibacterial wipes to clean the screen of your phone regularly. So you see, you not only need to keep your face clean but also keep the things which come into contact with your face clean.


With these 5 expert tips and guides, you can be sure to improve the condition of your skin and get rid of acne and pimples fast. Just make sure you choose treatment and precaution depending upon the condition of your acne.


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