Methods to remove ants are:

1. Using pepper

Ants have a feeling of hatred towards any kind of pepper. For them the smell is irritating. Trying any kind of pepper can shoo them away from the places. It is considered the best remedy to eliminate ants. It is purely a natural and safe method. Many people apply this method in their home. You can help from Pest Control Company in India

2. Mint

Keeping the small bags of mint tea around the kitchen where ants are seen the most will leave the kitchen ants free. Keep in mind that you keep those tea bags of mint in the places where ants are seen the most.

3. Using silicon dioxide

This dioxide contains the leftover part of water animals which are known as diatoms.
It is the best way of killing ants and other pests. This irritates ants a lot due to which they die. It stops the entry of oxygen to them. You can spread it on the places where the ants are mostly seen.

4. Use of detergent and cleaner

Spraying the detergent along with soaps eliminates the ants and stops the entrance. It also helps in eradicating the trails that ants often built while leaving. You can spray it on the active places of the ants. Don't forget to wipe out the floor after spraying.

5. Utilization of Peppermint

Using repellent like peppermint is an effective remedy for bugs, ants and mosquitoes. You will have to combine 20-30 peppermint drops into the water. Then this mixture will use to kill the ants and other pests. So buy these products which are easily available at your grocery stores.

6. Make use of tea tree oil

Adding 10-15 drops of this oil to water and making it a spray. Then using this spray an insect repellent will be the best option. You can also use the drenched cotton balls and place them where the ants are actively seen.

7. Lemon eucalyptus oil

Extracting this oil from the eucalyptus plant exposes off the ants. The mixture of this oil keeps the ants out of reach. Essential oil like Citronella, Lavender, peppermint can be used in candles which acts as a repellent. So adding these oils to the candles will eliminate the ants from your house.

8. Use of Cornmeal

Cornmeals are the best method adopted in many houses to keep the anta away from the kitchen. Place some cornmeal around the kitchen places where ants are mostly seen. The ants will either eat them or take them home for having them later. But they are not able to digest it and die. It is a slow process but it works with 100 per cent security.

9. Utilization of hand soap

Using hand soaps can also eliminate ants. If you don't have detergents, normal hand soap will do the needfuls. Ants would stay away from your house if you use this remedy.

10. Usage of white vinegar

Use white vinegar at active ant places. Make a solution of white vinegar with water. Ant problem can be solved through it. It kicks off the ants completely. Clean up the surfaces after spraying them.

11. Boiling water

The smallest and best remedy is the use of boiling water. Wherever the ant holes are seen at the places, spill the boiling water at that particular area. The ant holes are seen as small but they are wide inside. So spilling the boiling water will eliminate the ants.

12. Use of Cucumber peels

Many ants have hatred for cucumbers. So you can keep peels of cucumber or slices of it near the entry points. Using cucumber peels is the easiest way to wipe them out of the house.

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