Black algae are chemically-resistant algae, which create black strains on the surfaces of plaster and concrete pools. This is a very notorious type of algae and is pretty challenging to remove. Only professionals will be able to remove them using specialised steps.

They form a think and protective shell over themselves, and this shell resists chlorine from getting in touch with them. That is the reason the pros generally use aggressive brushing as well as chemical treatments to have them removed.

Here on this page, we discuss the steps that the professionals take to get rid of black algae, during swimming pool renovations near Gold Coast. This is the task that the pros generally do when it comes to taking on the pool interiors.

Sanitising Every Equipment of the Pool

When it comes to removing these black algae, the first and foremost thing that the pros would tell you to do is sanitising everything — from the bathing suits to the pool floats, the maintenance equipment and the pool filter, as all these will carry the spores of black algae. They would clean or suggest to clean anything that has to do with the pool and its water.

Deep Cleaning The Pool Water

Black algae spots can hide into the filter, and this makes removing them and extremely difficult task. So, even if you have cleaned the water and think you are done with the cleaning they can come back. That is the reason the pros would:

  • Release the filter pressure, with the use of a pressure valve
  • Open the filter
  • Remove the Media of the filter (sand, grid cartridge)
  • Scrub and sanitize the interior of the filter
  • Replace the dirty filter media with a new, fresh media

Testing The Level Of Water And The Chemicals

Since the growth of algae is inspired by unbalanced water, it is essential to keep the pH level and the Alkalinity of the water at the right level.

The professionals who carry out swimming pool repairs in Gold Coast will use their pool water testing kit for assessing the levels of chemicals in the pool water.

Once done, they now take the next step.

Brushing the Pool for the First Time and dealing with the Algae Spots

For removing the black algae permanently from the swimming pool, they would use a special brush. In case they deal with plaster or concrete pool, they use stainless steel brushes for scrubbing. For scrubbing fibreglass or vinyl pool, they would use hard-bristled nylon brushes or brushes made of PVC.

Scrubbing with Tablets

To add an extra boost to the cleaning, they at times try scrubbing the algae spots with chlorine tablets. They would generally use one half of the tablet, wherein they will break the tablet in half and scrub with the abrasive or broken side against the algae spots.

Triple Shocking of the Pool

This is generally done during the night, by adding 3 lb of a shock for every 10,000 gallons, depending upon the pool size, the shock range may vary from 3 to 9 rounds, for the first treatment. This the most effective step that will help you get rid of black algae from the water of your swimming pool.

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