I grew up in a tiny little town with a population of 2,500. It was safe to walk the streets and everyone had a post office box. I liked twirling the dials to open the box. Sometimes I went too fast and I had to do it over again to reach our mail. I rode my bike all over town and we didn't have a phone.

One of the highlights of late summer was when the circus came to town. It was great fun watching the men putting up the big heavy tents and then the hawkers trying to get us to spend our precious nickels on seeing a two headed calf or some other anomaly of nature.

The acts I liked the very best were the tight rope walkers and trapeze artists. I held my breath and marveled at the man or woman who slowly walked across the rope balancing perfectly with a long pole in their hand. I held my breath along with everyone else and cheered as they reached the platform on the other side.

Now I am grown up I realize everyday is a balancing act. When everything is in balance it is effortless but other times it is a bit harried. Here are 6 tips to simplify life's daily balancing act.

1. Get rid of clutter. It is a balancing act to know when there is too much clutter. Figurines, magazines, souvenirs, cooking utensils, books, and clothes are all good things and are things that bring us pleasure or are necessities. It is when we have too many of these good things that we get out of balance. How long does it take to dust those souvenirs, are there broken ones you hold on to, are cooking utensils taking over the kitchen drawers and cupboards? How quickly can you dress for work? Is your closet jam packed with clothes that makes it impossible to find what to wear? Get rid of clutter by donating the excess and throwing away the things that are "no good".

2. Do you feel like a professional juggler without the pay? What is on your schedule? Running kids to this and that lesson, dancing or sports practice? Then attending all the recitals, programs and games? Not to mention obligations with school functions and community obligations. Remember to schedule time for yourself. By carving out "me" time every day you will function better and be a happier person.

3. Stop trying to do everything yourself. There are not enough hours in the day and it is doing a disservice to our families if we don't teach them how to get rid of clutter in their lives, in their rooms and home. Teaching and delegating to them will enrich their lives forever as well as teach them life lessons when they are young.

4. Let go of less important things to do. It is healthy to say no when asked to do something and you know you just can't do it right then. There will be other opportunities to say yes.

5. Use a planner to prioritize your time. Hold a family meeting every week and plan the week's schedule together. Some times are easily scheduled like work and school. The other hours can be divided between me time, family time and community time. Things can become overwhelming and out of balance when we allow distractions to pull us in every directions.

6. Sleep is important to keep in balance. Know how many hours your body needs each night and aim for that. If you need a nap and can take one during the day, then do it.

With so many things competing for our attention having balance in our home and life is guaranteed to makes us healthier and happier.

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Marilyn Bohn is the owner of Get it Together Organizing, a business dedicated to developing practical organizing solutions that help individuals and business professionals live clutter-free and productive lives. She is the author of “Go Organize! Conquer Clutter in Three Simple Steps” and is an experienced, enthusiastic public speaker, a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and the author of hundreds of articles covering various organizing topics.

Marilyn takes the often stressful subject of organizing and breaks it down into her simple, easy to understand system. Her methods are both eye-opening and encouraging! She has a passion for helping others reach their personal goals and living a better, clutter-free life!

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