From the outside depression might seem like a complex phenomenon but as soon as you get a deeper understanding of people’s psychology you will find that depression is one of the simplest mood disorders.

The mistake most people do when dealing with depression is trying to blame the chemical imbalance that happens in the brain. While depression is caused by a chemical imbalance still this imbalance is just a symptom of the real problem that is taking place underneath.

In this article I won’t tell you to think positively or to be optimistic but instead I will tell you about 5 super effective methods that can help you combat depression.

How to get rid of depression:

1)Understand the real cause: Depression happens when your subconscious mind finds that all roads towards fulfilling a certain important desire are blocked. If a man was raised in such a way that suffered from intense financial insecurity then he might become depressed if he failed to become rich or to earn money. Understanding the real cause of your depression is the key to getting over it.

2)Can you bring hope?: In order to cure depression you don’t need to change your world but you just need to restore hope since depression is nothing more than a state of loss of hope. Getting rid of limiting beliefs, educating yourself or learning new skills are all greats ways to restore hope.

3)Work on getting back what you lost: If that man who wanted to be rich started working on another plan then hope will be restored and his depression will go away provided that he trusts his new plan.

4)What if you lost something that can’t be restored?: What if you lost a friend or a close relative? In this case getting over depression is all about learning how to accept what happened. So in order to cure depression you either need to get back what was lost or to accept what has happened. Don’t try to fool yourself into accepting something that can be changed because your subconscious mind wont like the idea and you will still depressed. For example if you are not satisfied with your weight then you might not be able to accept this fact because this is something that can certainly be changed.

5)Find another way to fulfill your unmet needs: if you lost something that can’t be restored and you still can’t accept what happened then you must find another way to fill the psychological gap that occurred after you lost that thing. For example, when I coach people who broke up I discover that many of them feel bad after the breakup because their self confidence was affected. As soon as I guide them to another way to feel worthy other than being loved by their ex their depression disappears.

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