Whether you feed your pet dog inside or outside the house, flies sometimes still bother you. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get rid of flies from around the dog food and drink, even some of them can be done with objects that are already at home. You can also use the best fly sprays for your pet dog.

Set the portion or duration of dog eating. Managing your meal here means measuring the exact amount of dog food, and only giving that dog food. If you feed your dog based on time, you should feed him 2 times a day, a distance of about 8-12 hours. In the meantime, setting the duration of a meal here means putting food for the dog only for a certain amount of time and will take it after the time is up even though it still remains. Over time, the dog will understand that his eating time is limited, and will use up all of his food in that time. One of these methods will help reduce food scraps in dog food containers that can invite flies.

If you decide to use a method that allows dogs to take their food throughout the day, you should separate the food and drink containers far enough. That way, dry dog ​​food will not get wet with water until it is finally damp and draws flies closer.

Clean dog poop immediately. For flies, dog poop is as interesting as dog food. Of course, dog food may still be provided, but there is no reason for feces to be left in the yard for too long. Clean immediately and poop the dog after he poops. Parasites such as the Toxocara worm can infect the soil and endanger the health of others, especially children. You should be able to see the number of flies around you starting to decrease.

Clean the breeding area of ​​flies. Flies can breed in damp, humid areas and close to the rest of vegetables or animal waste, such as garbage, feces, compost piles, etc. It takes only 2-3 weeks for maggots to become flies, and after hatching, flies tend to live around the place. Therefore, try to clean and maintain the cleanliness of the breeding area to ensure that no new flies live there. For dogs that spend a lot of time outside the home such as working dogs, flies may also breed in the dog's own body. Keeping a dog's body dry and clean, and immediately treating the open wounds on his body will also help reduce the place where flies breed.

Repair the screen gauze on windows and doors. Most of the flies in the house enter through a hole in a particular place, such as a gap in the window screen gauze. The best way to prevent flies from entering the house is to make sure there is no entrance. Repairing or replacing gauze that has been perforated or torn is the right first step. Every time you enter or exit the house, be sure to open and close the door quickly so that the flies do not go inside. Also, it's good to not hold the door open because it will free flies and other insects to come inside.

Prepare a small sponge or cloth. Dip a sponge or cloth in about 1/2 cup of concentrated lavender oil. Allow the sponge or cloth to absorb the oil. After that, put a sponge or cloth in a can that can be closed, and leave for 1 day. After leaving it for 1 day, open the can lid and place the can that has been opened near the dog food and drink container, but it is far from its reach. You should replace lavender oil periodically because the intensity will eventually disappear. Do not let the concentrated lavender oil come into direct contact with the skin. In addition to lavender oil, you can also use citronella oil, eucalyptus, pennyroyal, peppermint, or lemongrass. It's just that you have to dilute the oil with water or alcohol in a ratio of 1: 3.

Keep flies away with cloves and lemons. Cut 2 lemons in half. Stick 6-12 cloves into each lemon slice. Be sure to aim the clove buds upward, to the outside of the lemon. Place the lemon slices near the dog food and drink container, but out of reach. If you don't have a lemon, or don't want to use it, just put the clove in a cheese or muslin cloth bag and place it near the dog food container. The effectiveness is the same, only it looks not as beautiful if you use a lemon.

Plant flowers and herbs that flies don't like. Basil, lavender, bay leaf, tansy, mint, wormwood, and marigold are not favored by flies. Plant these herbs and flowers outside the house and near you place dog food and drink containers to help ward off flies. You can also plant these plants in pots to put in a house near the dog food container. Place the cucumber slices. Place cucumber slices (both inside and outside the house) near the dog food and drink container. So you do not need to replace the cucumber slices several times a day because they are eaten by dogs, try to place them that are difficult for dogs to reach.

Catch fruit flies with apple vinegar. Pour apple cider vinegar into a bowl, cup, glass, etc. Cover the mouth of the bowl, cup, glass with plastic and tie with a rubber band. Make sure the plastic layer is bound tightly like the drum surface. Make a few holes in the plastic layer with a toothpick. Place this trap near the dog's place of food and drink, but far enough out of reach. Discard and refill the trap with apple vinegar as needed. You can replace apple vinegar with wine. Wine can be used the same as apple cider vinegar to attract and kill flies. In addition, you may also add dishwashing soap to the wine so that flies cannot escape. Of course, your wine must be discarded in this way. So, your problem with flies should be quite large if you choose to use wine.

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