Work Off Your Man BoobsAll men can appreciate a nice set of breasts as long as they don’t belong on your own chest. If you have man boobs you are already aware of all the jokes and the reluctance to sport a bare chest. Due to the increase in obesity many men have been going under the knife to correct this unfortunate condition. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery male breast reduction surgeries had increased by 6% in 2011. But you might not have to resort to surgery to correct your man boobs problem. Try a few chest firming exercises to tighten up your chest and get rid of those man boobs once and for all.

Bench Press

Probably the best workout for man boobs starts with the bench press. Keep your hands a thumbs length away from shoulder width apart on each side. Challenge yourself to go up in weight as you do your repetitions to maximize performance.


All types of pushups work the pectoral muscles unilaterally. Try wide hand stance, decline and one handed to work different parts of your chest.

Incline Bench

The incline bench can be performed with dumbbells or a bench press bar to work the upper chest muscles along with your shoulders and back. Slowly lower weights and press upwards to maximize chest muscle burn.

Dumbbell Rows

With your knee placed on the bench facing downwards with the other foot on the ground row the weight up and down in a fluid motion. Make sure the weight is comfortable enough to where you don’t have to use your back or legs to lift up and down.

Dumbbell Butterfly

Start with the dumbbells at your stomach with hands together and slowly lift out to the side. Use your chest muscles and core to lift the weights directly outwards until you reach shoulder level.

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