Many are tormented by diseases and conditions, the origin of which is obvious: with a detailed study, the causes are not found in the organs. With regular headaches, it is customary to suppress the pain syndrome with drugs, ignoring the fact that the cause of the malaise is negative emotions that have become constant companions of a person. Below are a few stereotypes. It is believed that causeless head pain signals: about the latent imbalance of reality and inner convictions; about the inability to immanently integrate into current events; about the inability to constructively solve urgent problems.

In the event that bronchial asthma is not congenital, but acquired during life, there is a reason to think about its true origin. Previously, a similar ailment was associated with conditions such as: fear of expressing your own opinion; uncertainty about the correctness of personal views; dependence on the opinions of others. But many years of practice in teaching hypnosis and psychotherapy helped Dr. Efremov to prove the fallacy of such analogies. Moreover, the use of long-outdated schemes is not only a lie, but also a fatal factor, because such attitudes block consciousness, driving the disease into the bowels of the subconscious. According to Efremov, in order to eliminate the problem, a person needs to get out of the state of permanent hypnosis. In such a case, the treatment of diseases with psychosomatics guarantees complete deliverance not only from a physiological disorder, but also from internal problems.

Is the treatment of diseases with psychosomatics always effective? The author of the effective MindChat method believes that not all physiological problems require psychosomatic treatment. If a person breaks his leg or has a perforation of a stomach ulcer, an urgent need to contact a surgeon, and not meditate, trying to find out the cause of what happened. In the treatment of certain diseases, psychosomatics should go hand in hand with the achievements of modern medicine, because if the problem is not from the psyche, but from organic diseases, then this will require drug therapy.

Benefits of the MindChat Method Andrei Efremov's new course is the result of the evolution of his medical practice: the MindChat method was preceded by a personal development of the author known as the Efremov Method - more than 5000 patients mastered it. The classes helped these people get out of the state of hypnosis, which suppresses the full existence of the individual. In addition, thanks to the knowledge gained, many were able to help not only themselves, but also those close to them. The unique approach of a renowned psychiatrist will help you: recognize a psychological problem; understand the relationship between somatic and mental states; find physical and mental balance; solve the problem forever - without fear of returning to it. Having mastered the MindChat course, a person gets freedom of choice in the “live or exist!” Paradigm.

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Amy Galper, B.A., M.A., Co-Founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies