If like me you've been pregnant or have lost or gained weight in a short amount of time then you probably have those unsightly white or reddish wavy scars called stretch marks. Stretch marks are found mostly on one's belly, hips or thighs and with them wearing a bathing suit or just shorts could potentially be one of your most embarrassing moments.

Although these marks or scars can look quite intimidating there are ways you can lighten their appearance or remove them altogether using topical creams, medical procedures or natural stretch mark removal methods. Over the counter creams are very popular and you can use ones which have chemicals that can lighten the skin tone or help your skin's firmness. If the scars are too serious to be treated by creams you can consult your doctor on how to get rid of stretch marks and get either a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser therapy.

These medical treatments however all have downtime and can cause your skin to be raw and very sensitive for several days. The procedures as well as the creams can also be quite expensive as creams are often sold for more than a hundred dollars and medical stretch mark removal methods can cost hundreds of dollars per session where multiple sessions are needed.

The natural stretch mark removal method however was my treatment of choice because of my very sensitive skin. Chemicals in soaps and creams usually cause reddish welts on my skin so you can imagine what might happen if I attempted any medical procedure. To succeed using natural stretch mark removal methods you need to act holistically. Stretch marks are caused by the skin losing its elasticity so you need to make skin healthier by applying oils on it and eating the right food to regenerate your skin's health through nutrients.

Stretch marks scars will lessen when you eat protein and foods rich in vitamin E and C. This improvement comes about because these nutrients will jump start new tissue growth which in turn improves the skin's firmness and elasticity. Both elasticity and firmness are characteristics lacking in skin with stretch marks. Next, massage olive or avocado oils onto areas with scars to soften the skin and help the blood better circulate. This helps the nutrients and oxygen get to the different areas of the skin and healing of the scars are improved.

To sum up I would like to say that all treatments are good, however if you do not like stretch marks it is better to prevent them. If you are pregnant or if you are loosing or gaining weight too fast, start preparing your skin to overstretching and you will never see those unsightly marks on your skin.

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