Wrinkle is a fold, ridge or creases in the skin. It is a result of sun exposure or, in perioral skin, cigarette smoking; associated with degeneration of dermal elastic tissue. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. Smoking, Sun damage, dehydration, some medications, and a number of other factors may also cause wrinkles to develop. Actually wrinkles appear as we get older. There is not a magic age like 40 when everyone suddenly gets wrinkles. One can get little wrinkles in their 20s around their eyes due to spending too much time in the sun, at tanning salons, or smoking cigarettes. However some people can face wrinkle problems in their 50s or 60s due to aging.

Detail study about Wrinkles:

Some people have to face wrinkles problem in their 20s while some has it in their 50s or 60s. Getting wrinkles are a natural part of aging. This is usually because they have taken good care of their skin over the years and may have more sebum in their skin. Sebum is the skin's natural oil. They may also have "good genes" - which means their family members don't have many wrinkles. There are too many options present to eliminate or at least diminish their appearance. One can go for the Medications, skin-resurfacing techniques and fillers. Injectable and surgery lies on top of the list of effective wrinkle treatments.

Wrinkles can be divided into two categories via fine surface lines and deep furrows. In general wrinkle treatments are much more effective for fine lines but deeper creases may require more aggressive techniques, such as plastic surgery. Anti-wrinkles injection at regular intervals gives the skin a rest from compression but in contrast static wrinkles may improve slightly over time.

Factors causing wrinkles:

One has to face wrinkles problems in their early age due to following factors:
1) Smoking, highly intake of alcohol can cause wrinkles to get develop.
2) External factors like UV rays coming from sun, pollutants, etc. are also responsible to get wrinkles.
3) Dehydration and some medication can also causes wrinkles.
4) Degeneration of dermal elastic tissue is also responsible to form wrinkles.
5) It occurs due to lack of sebum which is the skin's natural oil.

How to get rid of wrinkles?

Nowadays numbers of ways are available to remove wrinkles or diminish its appearance. One of the most complex ways to remove wrinkles is to undergo cosmetic surgery. But it has few drawbacks. It is still costly and it can be dangerous for those who have several health issues. There are also some injections and laser treatments available in the market to reduce or remove wrinkles. All these treatments must be performed by trained medical professionals. Cosmetic surgery is more expensive than injections and laser treatment.

Natural remedies for wrinkles:

13 Home remedies for wrinkles:

1) Avoid excessive amount of sun exposure.
2) Avoid excessive amount of alcohol consumption and smoking.
3) Drink lot of water.
4) Eat healthy diet such as fresh fruits, green vegetables, beans and more.
5) Use high protection factor like sunscreen while outdoors.
6) Eat healthy diet which contains lot of vitamins and minerals to make your skin healthy.
7) Massage your face with coconut oil before going to bed at night.
8) Wash your face every night and use a moisturizer.
9) Apply a mixture of lemon juice, honey and plain water on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes.
10) Rub a pineapple core on the face, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse it off.
11) While washing the face, do not rub it.
12) Make a paste from sugarcane and turmeric and apply to the face. Wash it after 10 minutes with warm water.
13) Should take good night sleep.

All in all:

There are many treatments are available in the market to diminish its appearance. One can either go for cosmetic surgery or can go with injections and laser treatments. But these treatments are more costly and painful also. Nowadays numbers of products are come over the counter. One can also recommend it. But while choosing the product one should check for 4 important requirements via - it's moisturizing ability, anti-oxidant properties, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and collagen stimulation.

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