It has been found that scene stars are able to earn a lot of money. You might wonder what are scene stars? For that a small description of scenes is necessary. Scenes are a sub genres of music forms which are available out there in the music industry. Now some of the music forms are electric, indie, and others, and they further have sub genres which are known as scenes. And further down the road, artists or people related to this field are known as scene stars or scene people.

Yeah so we were talking about scene stars getting a lot of plays and streams on their new bangers on Spotify. Actually the domain is very popular and therefore there are a lot of people who get famous by performing well, in front of scene music fans or scene people.

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What’s important for you or me in this? What’s the thing which can make your day?

Well we can certainly look forward to some of the tips or tricks which the scene stars use in getting a lot of plays. How would it benefit us? Well of course for growing and taking your songs and playlists on Spotify to the next level, these tips will help you.

Let’s have a close look at it.

More Spotify Plays and Progress!

Well scene stars are very professional with their work. The tracks which they upload are of high quality. It’s not that only the genre matters. In fact the genre matters a lot, and we will get back to it in a second. But the quality matters a lot.

You may have a good voice and your experience of singing can also be high, but the equipment, etc., has to be of good quality so that you are able to record high quality music. And you have to make sure that you are recording songs inside a room or studio which has got soundproof walls.

If there are any disturbances, then your impression as a music artist will not be that great, and that’s something which you can’t seriously afford.

Well that was about quality. If we move ahead, then the other important thing is to target the right genre and its audience. You may be a versatile singer and that’s a gem of a talent. But as it turns out, the fan base is divided into groups and there are segregations as per the taste. And you should enter the field where you can easily find a large number of people, and it is the same for Spotify as a streaming platform. A large number of fans of a particular category will guarantee you a lot of plays.

Other than that scene stars take a lot of advantage of their stardom. They have millions of followers over Instagram, and they try to talk to them as much as they can. Conveying your message to the public, in the right sense and talking with them over social media platforms is also a good method of getting your music played. If you honestly share your progress report with them related to the new tracks which you will be uploading over Spotify, then they will be excited to listen to your songs, and they will straightway collect over your profile. And that’s how you can get a large number of Spotify Plays.

Scene stars have got a lot of contacts in the industry, and therefore it’s not very difficult for them to meet celebrities and famous influencers. And when they post photos with all those personalities on their social media channels, then viewers are generally fascinated by it.

For the most part, it’s even possible that the scene star gets a new base because of the influencer or celebrity with whom, he or she is posting the photo.

Therefore, stardom must be used in the right way so that it leads to your own progress.


In conclusion, these were some of the ways of keeping your users entertained and fascinated with your humble behavior as well as professional work. And if you are careful with some of these important factors and follow the steps nicely as well precisely, then certainly you will get a lot of Spotify Plays.

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