You may be mistaken into believing that creative visualization involves intense hours of being at alpha levels of meditation. Which is why you find plenty of excuses not to set aside time for it. You also figure that it must be a complex process, something which you will not be able to do.

In reality, powerful visualization techniques are surprisingly simple. There is nothing too complicated about them. To begin with, our minds are inherently hardwired to respond to visual cues and imagery. Can you recall about the last time you saw a beautiful work of art. How did it make you feel? Did it transport you to another place? Did it inspire you to do some soul-searching?

That is exactly how creative visualization works. When you focus your mind on certain images and thoughts, you manifest them. And if you believe that you’re going to get that job promotion or new car, then you will get it.

So how can you harness creative visualization to get the kind of life you want? Use this simple exercise to get started – you will be amazed at how much prosperity and abundance visualization will bring into your life!

First, think of something that you would like from your life. This can be as big a goal as buying your own house, or a simple goal like taking a vacation to the Caribbean. When it comes to what you would like to visualize, the sky is the limit! If you are having trouble picturing something you would like, write down where you would like to be in five years. Would you like to be in a different career? Own a small business? Attract a romantic partner?

Once you start writing, you will quickly discover just how many goals and dreams you have!

Now that you know exactly what you want to visualize, get into a comfortable position in a quiet place where you would not be disturbed – so shut off that phone and turn off your television! Get your body to relax by picturing each and every muscle in your body becoming loose and relaxed. Once you feel at peace, it is time to start your creative visualization.

Start to imagine your goal or dream exactly how you would like it. If it is an object you desire, imagine yourself holding the object, showing it off to friends and how you will feel when you actually own it. If it’s an event, picture yourself in the midst of it – relaxing on that Caribbean beach, feeling the warm sunshine on your shoulders and sipping the most exotic fruit drink you’ve ever had. The point is to have fun with this exercise and to make your visuals as realistic as possible. This might take you as little as a few minutes or even an hour…

…but if you really want this technique to work for you, you need to really feel it!
And once you are really in the midst of your visual, give yourself some positive affirmations that will help your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to shift towards your desire. Statements like: "I am loving my Caribbean vacation", or "I am really enjoying this wonderful view from my quaint beach cottage".

Here comes the part where most people face problems in: their beliefs. They start to question if manifesting their dreams is truly possible. Well, should any negative comments pop up, do not fight them – this gives those negative statements even greater power. Instead, calmly accept and acknowledge what you feel. Release your attachment to your dreams. Focus your attention on more positive thoughts.

Each session need not take more than fifteen minutes. However, the more often you practice and the more powerful your beliefs are, the closer creative visualization can get you to your ultimate dreams!

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