Finding a place of accommodation in the Netherlands is always a very stressful and daunting task for international students as there is simply not enough housing to accommodate all the inhabitants of this big city. The city is certainly working to cub the situation, but it's still very difficult to find a housing and if you manage to find one, it doesn’t come cheap. How do you like an apartment in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands in general?

Below are ways to get a student accommodation in the Netherlands :

Through your university :

For the first year, it's best to search your university's website for tips on housing. Some universities offer international students accommodations. Note, however, that a fee will be charged upon registration. The downside is that availability is limited and you are put on a waiting list. If you are an individual, housing at a university is not an option as there are 8 to 10 people in a room.

Through Facebook :

Some people find their place on Facebook groups. Some are private groups related to your school, others are usually for students and others are open to all. The downside is that it offers a high risk of fraud.

Through real estate agent :

Real estate agents are the solution and the best option to find a student residence in the Netherlands that is comfortable and stress-free. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot trust all real estate agencies or contractors. Marcel Van Hooijdonk, a Dutch real estate entrepreneur, is the best choice if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable broker. He gives out rooms and apartments at a reasonable price to foreign students in the Netherlands. Also note that real estate entrepreneur like Marcel Van Hooijdonk can be of great help in finding a nice rental property. His knowledge of the rental market and its environment, its relationship with the owners and its know-how down to the smallest detail can save you many worries.

Words from Marcel Van Hooijdonk, he says that irrespective of the accommodation you choose in the Netherlands, make sure you read the contract carefully. Never sign a lease without having read and understood it. Also, make sure you sign a contract before paying a penny. Beware of crooks who always try to deceive you.

Student housing average rent costs in the Netherlands :

The cost of student accommodation is high due to the high demand for student accommodation in the Netherlands. On average, an apartment in the Netherlands costs between 600 and 1,500 euros per month, making it the most expensive accommodation in Amsterdam. The rent of the rooms depends on various factors, such as the equipment of the house, the number of tenants who share the dorm, the facilities available etc. A furnished room for rent costs about 50 € per night and when booking for a whole Semester about 595 €. A privately rented room in Amsterdam can cost up to 600 € per month, in Utrecht up to 339 € per month and in Rotterdam up to 373 € per month.

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