A diamond ring as a symbol of love and commitment is very popular nowadays. An engagement ring is usually a ring signifying that the individual wearing it is already engaged, particularly in Western cultures. When an individual proposes marriage or directly afterwards a proposal a ring "求婚" is often given as an engagement present by a concerned partner to the potential partner. This ring also acts as a proof of the promise made.

Diamonds are pretty rare, so they are considered expensive. Therefore, an individual would need a huge budget in order to buy one for his or her engagement. However, there are several ways in which the price of these rings can be reduced. The first and perhaps easiest way is through negotiation. There are a number of individuals who are skilled in dealing with diamond contracts and who are willing to give their clients discount prices so long as they are satisfied with the quality and durability of the ring being bought.

Another method of reducing the cost of the ring is through negotiation with the jeweler to exchange the diamonds for money. In some cases, where the diamond is not very valuable, exchanging the diamond for money may not be possible. If this is the case, one could try to convince the jeweler that his client needs less expensive rings in order to purchase a better and more valuable diamond.

If the price is still too high for an individual to afford, he or she could try to trade the diamond in for another ring. Diamonds can also be resized to fit a smaller budget. If this option does not work out, an individual could try to increase the size of the diamond ring.

Several factors affect the value of diamonds. Their color, clarity, cut and carat are some of the important considerations. A person should not settle for lower priced diamond rings because they think the diamond is poor quality. Many people do this and do not receive the quality they expect or deserve. An individual should always get the advice of a professional before purchasing diamonds to ensure that the diamond is really worth the amount it is being sold for.

Once a person finds a diamond ring that fits the budget, he or she should decide on the style of ring. Different styles have different values. For instance, heart shaped rings have more value than round rings. The cut of the ring should also be taken into consideration. Clarity and color are also important things to consider when buying an engagement ring and should be evaluated before buying the ring.

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