There is always an event happening on the world. When one part of the world is sleeping the other half is awake and making news. Though there are lots of dissimilarities in the various countries across the world, each part of the world is connected to the other parts. Various communication media are in use which are-

• Newspapers
• Radio
• Television
• Internet
• Mobile

Each country across the various continents has many newspapers getting published. The local newspapers will take interest in the local news more but the national newspapers will provide the latest news from the entire country as well as from the other countries too. The newspapers and news channels from Asia will deliver Asia news in details, Africa news will be presented by the various newspapers, Radio or TV channels form the African countries and similarly the exclusive America news will be important for the people residing in America.

America is a country which has got involvement in many events across the world so any America news is given importance to the rest of the world. The latest political events, scientific events, entertainment news or sports news are awaited by the rest of the world. Similarly various other countries are depending on the Asian or African countries for their business, economy or other spheres of life. So the Asia news or Africa news is also very important for the rest of the world. The political disturbances in the various African countries are watched continuously by the rest of the world as the rich natural resources of these African countries can affect the world economy very much.

The best means of getting the current information in the shortest time at reasonable price is the internet. Mobiles can also provide the latest news when you are still on the move. There are many news portals which can provide information about the various America news, Africa News, Europe news or Asia news within seconds. One does not have to know the foreign languages to get these information in details most of these portals deliver the information in the regional language so that event he least educated person can grasp the information well. The news from various spheres of life are liked by the people such as-
• Politics
• Foreign relation
• Development
• Entertainment
• Education

The most liked ones are the news from the sports and entertainment which drive people crazy across the world.

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