Relationships form an integral part our lives. If you are a man with integrity and feel that the tips and seduction techniques online are only giving ineffective results at best – this article will shed some light on why you are having trouble finding and keeping a woman’s interest.
Many of my clients come to me as they are perplexed as to why the opposite sex loses interest in them or presents them with a bunch of excuses as to why they don’t want to be in a relationship.

For a relationship to develop between two people, the first vital stage is for there to be attraction present. So called ‘experts’ therefore teach a manufactured ego type controlled attraction in which men learn physical loopholes in the female’s psychology to get what they want.

The first problem with this is that psychological manipulation at best, works for around 6 weeks. The second problem is that if you are attracting a woman by these means, the types of relationships you will attract will be wrought with frustration and lack the intimacy and passion that will sustain it in the long term.
If you are one of those people and are confused as to why women suddenly disappear from your life or withdraw from you – or your relationships keep failing – and you are ready to do something about it; then this article is for you.

I will shed some light on what the causes are, and how it is now possible with a little tweaking of your unconscious drivers to reclaim full ownership of your life, mind and body without counselling, coaching or endless hours trying to understand why you do what you do.
You have most likely come to the awareness that needy behaviour is a huge turn off, right? Did you know most needy people keep getting rejected simply because they don’t know they are needy?
So what constitutes needy behaviour and what can one do about it?

If you have a fear of being alone, need constant attention from others, experience jealousy, feel the need to control or possess your partner, feel temptation to cheat on your partner, have a controlling personality, need to please others, need others to take care of you, have low self-esteem, self-worth or confidence, feel empty inside, feel like something is wrong with you, feel unattractive or need others to validate, accept and love you (to name a few!) you likely have a significant neediness problem which has and will continue to plague your relationship life and cause women to lose attraction for you.

The human mind is made up of either attractive qualities or unattractive qualities. The above qualities I just listed are the cause of why women will lose attraction to you.

These unconscious programs that cause your mind to desperately seek out temporary solutions for connection are simply a band aid solution for a deeper unconscious programs controlling your behaviour.

The items above result from old dysfunctional relationships in your family of origin. The memories of which remain firmly stored in your subconscious mind much like computer software. Most people don’t realise that this programming (also referred to as “conditioning” by some) has a powerful influence on one’s self confidence, sense of adequacy, self-image, wholeness and attractiveness.

The negative memories leave a deep emptiness that many feel can only be filled by others around them. This is the source of the “neediness” i.e. an emptiness that “needs” to be filled in. At the deepest level it’s about the need to feel loved, wanted, desirable, welcomed, useful, needed, validated, acknowledged, appreciated, accepted and so on, it is these things that either only of the absence of them that natural confidence and charisma needed to sustain long term attraction can be used to guide a relationships from the dating stage to a more intimate long term relationship.

What has not been recognised is that a) these needs can never be met by others and b) can only be sourced from within. So where or what is that “source” you ask?
Well it was discovered a decade ago that negative memories themselves are responsible for generating the feeling of emptiness itself. The emptiness refers to what I have called a deficiency of Life Force Energy from the mind/body. A negative memory depletes one’s energy and leaves a feeling of emptiness in its wake.

What has been discovered is that by “erasing” those negative memories Life Force Energy spontaneously returns to and re-integrates itself with the mind/body leaving the individual feeling whole, complete, attractive, adequate, confident, capable, strong, resilient, and so on.

So how does one accomplish this “erasure”? Well, a new coaching process has been developed to do just that. To learn more about it or to request a free introductory telephone/Skype consultation that will begin to help you experience and remember who you were meant to be, contact me via the link below.

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