You have found him, and now your imagination is running wild with visions of happily ever after. If only you understood how to get the guy you want. Follow these 3 easy guidelines if you want to prevent turning him off.

Rule #1: Decide what you truly want.

Firstly, you have to choose what you want. You have probably turned the heads of a few good-looking men yourself, only to find that the candy lost its appeal after a few dates. To avoid a lot of heartache, it is key that you define what you want before you start looking.

Rule #2: Do a little research and learn about his interests.

If you already have a specific guy in mind, discover his interests. What sports teams does he support?. Does he play a sport?. Is he into classic rock? Jazz? Easy listening?. Do not make it seem like an interview, but find out about his likes and dislikes. Be calm, not intense. When choosing subjects to discuss, choose those ones that you are interested in also, to make the discussion go more smoothly.

Rule #3: Avoid being desperate

Keep in mind that you are a special woman and do not need a man to validate you. When attempting to appeal to the guy you desire, you must have the attitude that he would be fortunate to get to know you. No matter what, do not jump over bridges or walking on water to convince him that you are the perfect lady for him. He wants to be the one chasing you, so play it cool and let him. Let your smile and actions show that you are interested, but turn you interest off periodically so that he can turn his on. You want him to feel welcome and at comfort enough in your presence so that he can find the courage to do what he wants to do—ask you on a date. Do not fret if this guy is immune to your powers of attraction. By staying positive and focusing on your positive qualities, you will soon attract the man that is right for you.

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My name is Robyn Lee and I am a dating and relationship trainer to women. I was single for a long time, not because I wasn't a catch, but because I made simple dating mistakes that turned men off. Since then I've learned how to attract and keep the man of my dreams. I share what I have learned with women across the world so they can establish good relationships with guys.

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