More often than not people are focused so much more on just paying this month's bills that there is no room in their experience for the bigger picture of life. While success with large sums of money may be wanted there is no space for it because the whole life is filled with stress, anxiety and worry about how to keep the utilities on and food on the table.

What fills up life is what is continued. Take a few moments to mentally and emotionally move away from just these immediate needs for money into the experience truly desired. Ask if you could have anything you desired what would that be? How would it look, feel, how would you be dressed, what would you be doing? Fill life up with this. Have a dream, a really big dream that is worth writing down and living in each day.

In order to get the life you really desire to live you first must know what that life is. You must know it in detail, you must feel it in the present moment. It doesn't mean you stop paying your bills, rather you adjust the energy you are filling your thought and feeling space with. Begin seeing each thought and action you are involved in as the big picture. Let each moment be an experience of the dream, the ideal. Spend time recording in your journal what it is that you want to experience. Write it in the present tense.

Rather than saying one day I will, state I am now experiencing. Replace when I have with I am doing, or experiencing. Just this simple nudge into a different expression brings about major changes within the brain and body. New chemicals more in line with the dream flush the body. You can feel the difference. You will also notice when you go back into the old mindset of not enough and be able to adjust your thinking with the dream.

Energy is all there is. Learning to work with it to bring about the experiences you desire takes practice and attention. The reward is well worth it though. As you move into this new way of thinking, speaking and living, life shows up the way you want it. It may not all happen over night, but it will happen.

You do have the power available to you in this very moment to bring into form the exact experiences you desire. By staying in the energy you wish to experience you guarantee that as your next reality. Remember that fortune favors the bold. Take steps each day to move into a new space, a new experience with the expectation that everything you want is already yours. See the abundance all around you and welcome it into your life.

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Donna DeVane has authored several books on healing beliefs, living consciously and self empowerment. Donna teaches these concepts on her radio broadcasts and video channel. She also provides private sessions to aid you on your journey. Find out more at