Businesses are investing a lot in commercial solar panels all across the globe. It is mainly because of two main factors. The first is the efficiency of solar panels, and the second is the increasing pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and transfer towards renewable energy. Many companies are spending a lot on solar panels, but some are not investing enough to maintain the lifetime of the solar panels.
Consequently, their solar panels are not as efficient as they need to affect the business. There are numerous ways for businesses to improve their solar panel efficiency. Some important tips will be discussed further in this article.

Buy One Of The Most Efficient Solar Panel Models

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Although it is awesome, not all of the energy it receives gets converted to electricity. Thus, a panel’s efficiency is based on the sunlight striking the cells that get converted into electricity.
Solar cell technology has improved a lot during the last five years and has reached 20%, up from 15%. However, all solar panels are not very efficient. Their efficiency depends on their cells, materials, and the structure of their models.
Although the initial cost of the most efficient solar panels is high, buying the most efficient one is the correct choice.

Buy Panels With High-Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells

The purpose of Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells is to produce highly efficient solar cells to draw more sunlight that would otherwise be too expensive to use directly. The high-quality traditional panels have an efficiency of 22%, and concentrated photovoltaic cells have an efficiency of about 46%.
However, the better the quality and efficiency, the greater the price. Concentrated photovoltaic cells can cost up to four times more than traditional solar panels. There are not as many models of CPV available as PV so if you find any supplier have the money you should go for it.

Avoid Installing Solar Panels In Shaded Areas

As solar panels are used to convert sunlight to useful electricity, installing them in shady areas harms their performance. Many people do not know the adverse effects of installing solar panels in shady areas. If any of the cells is installed in a shady area, it also impacts the performance of its neighbouring cells and begins to act as a resistor.
Tall trees and buildings can become a shady place for your roof-mounted solar panels. Therefore, you must keep in mind the location where you are installing solar panels to protect them from the adverse effects of shade.

Get An Expert To Install Your Solar Panels

If the solar panels are not installed properly, they are not able to receive enough sunlight and produce less electricity. The main factors when installing solar panels are to consider the orientation of the panels. Solar panels should sit at an angle of 18 or 36 degrees to allow maximum sunlight exposure. Moreover, if you are in the southern hemisphere, your panels should be oriented towards the north and the south if you are in the northern hemisphere.
Sometimes the efficiency of solar panels is also affected by the temperature. The efficiency decreases as the temperature increases. Thus, it is always recommended to keep a reasonable gap between the roof and solar panels. This allows air to flow through the panels, preventing the photovoltaic solar panels from overheating. If you are unaware of this information, then you should get help from an expert and benefit most from their experience.

Clean Your Solar Panels

As solar panels don't have any moving parts, maintaining them is not a very big deal. This is because dirt can accumulate on the surface of solar panels, affecting their efficiency.
Now the question is how often you should clean your solar panels. It depends on various factors, such as how often you get rainfall and the cost of cleaning them.
Over the year, the accumulation of dust reduces the efficiency of solar panels by 5%, but if your area does not receive frequent rain, then it may be reduced by 20%. Thus, cleaning your solar panels once a year is the best option.


More and more businesses are now investing in solar panels nowadays to cut the extra cost of electricity resources and reduce their impact on the environment. However, if your solar panels are not installed and maintained properly, you may not be able to get the required efficiency.
The tips mentioned above can help you get the maximum efficiency from solar panels and get the most out of your solar panels. You should consider hiring professionals to get your job done. You can obtain optimal performance and efficient output from solar panels by following the tips mentioned in the article. Not only will this help your business to save money, but it can also save the earth for future generations.

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Solar panels need special attention to detail to give maximum value. The article explains tips to get the maximum value for your solar panels.