The summer wedding is always a great idea. The weather remains pleasant, and on a sunny day, every decorative item included in your wedding looks perfect. In addition to a gorgeous dress, a great venue and superb food, you need a fantastic car that will take you to the venue and help you to make a grand entry on your special day.

Now, how important is a wedding car? Well, it is not only about making an impression on the invitees. But, it also about reaching the destination on time and that too with all the comfort and luxury. For summer wedding transport, the comfort factor turns out to be much more crucial than you can imagine.

Classic or Contemporary?

Well, if you don’t have so much personal inclination to the vintage or classic vehicles, it is recommended to go for a contemporary car. Most of the couples think that riding a convertible car to the wedding venue has the grace that not any other vehicles can get for you. But, it’s not true.

It's the appearance of the wedding car in Sydney that matters the most. And, also, the choice between classic and contemporary car must depend on your wedding theme. It must adhere to the theme so that the vehicle does not seem to be out of place.

Remember the Photo Factor

Wedding cars have a huge role to play in your wedding photography. You surely want the wedding photography to appear as a dream that you can cherish for the years to come. So, the car must seem to be amazing in every way possible to make sure the photos seem to be awesome.

Again, in this context, the colour play a significant role. Although, white is the standard choice for most of the wedding cars among the couple. However, you can choose to go with other colours too that are a bit distinct and look great in your dress. One recommendation on this - go for sophisticated colour options discarding the dark shades.

What Features do the Wedding Car Have?

The wedding car must have some crucial features apart from the factors mentioned above. Check those out before making your choice.

First, the car must have enough leg space so that the bride can stretch her legs and also manage her wedding gown. No matter what the distance is from her house to the wedding venue, the bride must sit comfortably throughout the journey until she reached the aisle.

Secondly, the wedding car hire service in Sydney you are going for must deliver cars that are properly maintained. After all, it is about your grand entry at the wedding venue, and you cannot compromise with the appearance. If the car has dents and scratches all over its body, it will certainly not look good. If the interior of the vehicle does not appear to be well or the upholstery is cleaned, you should quit the option of selecting the car.


One last piece of advice for you - go for referrals and recommendations regarding the wedding car hire. You must have friends who have been married recently, and they will be able to suggest you the name of a right service provider. Also, don't forget to go through the feedbacks and reviews you will find listed against a website.

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The author is associated with the best wedding car hire service in Sydney and also understands how the right wedding car in Sydney helps you to have a grand entry at the venue.