Are you an aspiring athlete or coach looking for an edge that will take you or your team to the next level without the aid of chemical enhancements? Are you frustrated because the old adage "practice makes perfect" is simply not working? We know that you have been searching far and wide without finding the right answers. Well your search is finally over because you have found the Dohgon, the masters of concentration. We build mental masters who translate their abilities into physical and athletic dominance.

Many people wonder why Tiger Woods is the best golfer, or why Koby Bryant is so much better than his fellow Basketball players. There are thousands of amateur and professional athletes worldwide like yourself who train hard for hours on end but never make it to the top like Tiger or Koby. Your mistake is believing that only natural talent, physical strength, and mental determination can get you to the top. Well you are wrong! Making it to the top requires internal supremacy in the form of heightened mental concentration.

I'm sure that you have seen baseball players messing up plays because they attempt to throw a ball before they actually catch it or Basketball players mess up by attempting to make plays before they get a pass under control. There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead, it is how athletes are able to outsmart their opponents. In these examples however, the timing within the athletes brain is the problem which causes them to be out of sync in terms of their control and execution. You can develop your physical talent all you want but if your concentration is off your control and execution will never work. Mastering concentration will result in flawless execution.

Most coaches recognize that timing is a big issue with their athletes but they often make the mistake of mixing up focus and concentration. This is a huge problem because focus only deals with one or two senses while concentration deals with all the senses and all the cells in the body. After making a misdiagnosis the first thing a coach will advise is to focus on improving hand/eye coordination. Wrong again! You need to work on improving all your senses including your sense of thought. Thought is the sense that calculates the distance between you and the ball. Developing thought therefore is the most important sense and only Professor Momoh can teach you how to develop your thinking by increasing the communication between your left and right brain hemispheres.

Professor Momoh has correspondence tools and teaching techniques which enable him to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. He has developed the only test to determine the speed of human thinking by measuring the Thymine, Uracil, and Cytosine levels in the brain that deal with the neurotransmitter communication between cells. Once he determines your needs he will then supply you with some simple number exercises specifically designed for you that will begin to strenghten your concentration.

Depending on your level of commitment to improving your concentration you will soon be able to concentrate at such a high level that you will be able to see a ball coming at you, effectively judge its speed and time of arrival, set yourself up in a position to catch it, take your eyes off it before it actually arrives then shift your attention to calculating your next move, all within a split second. This is internal supremacy and it is what gives most elite athletes the edge. Contact Professor Momoh today.

Author's Bio: 

Professor MOmOH is a teacher, healer, researcher, and founder of the Dohgon University of Thought, a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Founded over 25 years ago their specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. A tireless thinker and creater, Professor MOmOH utalizes his advanced knowledge of mathematics and neurology as well as a love for sports to perform extensive private research in the field of elite athletic performance and mental concentration. His discovery of the connection between numbers, colors, and the process of thought helps Professor MOmOH to continue to author numerous books and articles for his students on the subjects of focus and concentration, memory and mind, thinking, the 3 types of intelligences, idea creation, creativity and athletic performance.