Hair loss is quite a common problem and it also an asset to enhance beauty. No one wants to lose their hair before the age of 40 but it shows that near 25% of men become bald under the age of 30 and this counting is increasing. Strong, thicker and long hair is everyone’s desire.
It is seen that excessive physical and emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies, allergies and pollution are the reasons behind thinning.

Experts find that for thicker hair it is advisable to reduce the stress. Stress causes every problem-related hair loss. Stress accelerates the shedding of hair. You should even avoid over styling or experiment with hair to stop hair thinning.

For thicken hair, hair oils should be used and get massage properly.

Nowadays many people wrong product in gaining of thick hair but the cheap solution doesn’t make it worth. As there are plenty of tips where you can make your hair thick and get the best results.

Here the list of best, quick and easy solution to thicken your hair.

Wash Your Hair

Many men think that when they wash their hair they tend to lose more hair. There is no reality behind it. Actually, when you wash your hair it removes dirt and looks ‘gappy'.

To make the hair healthy you can use a ph balanced shampoo.

Use a thickening product

In the market there are many thickness shampoos, conditioners and sprays are there. As it contains special polymers which plump up the hair shafts. It only provides a temporary effect on hair and it is best to use different occasion. Regular use in hair is not advisable.

Uses of Olive Oil

Many experts say that olive oil adds volume to the hair. It generally strengthens and softens the curls.

The right way to use olive by massage done on the hair and scalp. Just leave for half an hour and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This help to grow shinier and thick hair.

Use Biotin

Biotin is the know popular hair growth remedy which helps to grow thick hair. Much research happens on this and it provides a good result on skin, nail and hair.
You also found the biotin listed on many shampoos and conditioners. It works better if it is taken orally.

Consult with Doctor

There are many doctors for hair transplant, who can provide the best suggestion as well as treatment for your thick hair. Many people in search of thickness they perform a hair transplant. In a hair transplant, hair grafts involved. India is the best know country for hair transplant. Many people from abroad looking for hair transplant to get the hair transplanted done from the renowned surgeons.

Use Topical Medicine

Minoxidil is one of the topical medicines which are also known for increasing thickness. It can be applied over the scalp and it is safe to use. Massage your scalp twice daily to get positive results. This medicine is mainly used for hair regrowth and to reduce hair loss.

Take Iron for promoting thick hair

Many people suffer from iron deficiency and it can only be trapped with a medical test. It is seen that hair thinning happens sue to the Iron only.

Without test, you can judge the thin hair by some symptoms like fatigue, weakness and generally poor health. If any women having a very heavy menstrual cycle then you can pretty much guarantee that your iron levels are low. This problem can be lead to anaemia.

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