Having a verified badge on Instagram is an honor to every person, and fortunately, it is a bit easier than winning a Nobel prize.

But the fact could not be denied that it is simple to get a blue badge on your profile only if you are a public figure or a big brand- for average users, it is a difficult task to win.

Although, giving a try to get the verified badge on your Instagram account would not cost a penny, so why not attempt the procedure to grab the blue tick!

So, let’s break down the reasons to have a badge and the procedure to get verified on Instagram today.

Before jumping on the steps to get verified, you must understand what does it mean.

What is Instagram Verified Tick?

Instagram verified is a simple way to distinguish between reputed brands and public figures from the fan pages, fake accounts, impersonification. It helps users to find famous brands and people on Instagram.

The Instagram verified badge or a blue tick appears just beside a username showing that the account is verified by Instagram and is completely secured.

Apart from this, there is a wide range of benefits one can have through the blue tick on Instagram, check out them right here.

Benefits Of The Instagram Verified Badge:

1. Fetch more followers:

To have a verified badge on Instagram, you need to have a particular amount of followers specified by Instagram. If you satisfy all the eligibility to have a badge and you receive the badge then your profile will come at the top of the searches- and that’s all, once people start finding you at the top of the search, then you will start receiving more friends and following on Instagram.

Blue tick makes your account genuine and famous which simply attracts new visitors too.

But here, it does not end with having a huge range of followers, it is important for you to manage your popularity from your end through new strategies and ideas.

2. Maintains Brand Identity:

You might have noticed that there are a lot of fan pages of Kylie Jenner on Instagram, and among all those, you choose to follow the one with the blue tick.

Have you ever thought of the reason?

Because that tick gives us an assurance of authenticity and that’s how we all identify the real account amongst the thousands of fake accounts.

3. Maintains A Brand Image:

Having a verified badge on your account is a prestigious thing and it shows that your account matters than millions of accounts out there. With the blue tick beside your username, customers are more likely to follow you as the tick makes your brand more defined and reputed than your competitors who are not having a verified account.

4. Access To New Features:

Whenever Instagram comes with new features or tests out new links, it first tested all the new updates with their verified account holders. And the best part, Instagram always has something new for the users, so if you will be a verified account on Instagram, then you will be privileged to enjoy the updated features.

So far you realized the importance of the Instagram verification badge, but not sure about the procedure and requirements to send the request of verification?

Don’t worry! Just keep on reading the article you will get the whole picture of it till the end.

Rules To Get Verified On Instagram:

1. Authenticity: This criterion requires you to specify whether the account is of a real person or of your company.

2. Uniqueness: Keep your focus on building a unique account as there could be a possibility of having more Instagram account of your name.

For Example: If you are a famous brand or public figure, then you could face having duplicate accounts created by fans or other people. So how Instagram will verify that it’s really you. Therefore it is important for you to be unique on Instagram.

Note: No fan page, no duplicate account will be able to receive the verification badge.

3. Completeness: Fill up all the sections in your profile and make your account public.
People who prefer to have a private Instagram account are not eligible to have a verified badge on their profile.

4. Be well-known: Before going for verification just make sure that you are doing great in terms of popularity, getting great traffic on your website and are able to come up in the search results easily.

Instagram only verifies those accounts which are capable enough to drive audiences’ attention.
That’s the reason that international brands or public figures are more likely to get the verification badge easily.

In short, you need to build up a massive user base and this can only be done through user engagement.

Note: You don’t always need plenty of followers on Instagram, even a handful of followers can give you verification badge.

Wondering, how?

For this, you need a strong audience base on any other social networking site. Let’s suppose you are unable to fetch a considerable number of followers on Instagram but are a well-known person on YouTube- if it is the case then nothing can stop you to get blue tick on your account.

Apart from finishing the eligibility criteria, you need to continue following a set up of steps-

Procedure To Send A Request For A Verification Badge:

Note: You have to send the verification request from the same account on which you want a verified badge.

1. Log in your Instagram account with your email id and password.

2. Select the icon of the Menu (three horizontal lines) from the top-right corner of the page. the option of settings from the bottom-right corner.

3. Then, tap on the “Settings” option located at the bottom of the menu.

4. Next, choose the option of ‘Account'.

5. Now, scroll the options and tap on the ‘Request Verification’.

6. After selecting the “Request Verification” option you will land to a page where you will get a form with simple questions.

7. Fill up all the details in the form, like, your username, and full name.

8. Attach a photo of your ID by clicking at the blue color option ‘Choose file’. If the account is of a person then passport, driving license and national identification card will work.
But if the account is of any business then documents like recent electricity bill, tax filing or article of incorporation will be enough.

9. You can either click the picture of the document from your phone’s camera or upload the picture from the gallery of your device.

10. Then, finally, tap at the ‘Send’ button located at the bottom of your screen. That’s all, you are done.

Once you are done with the step, pay attention to the disclaimer where you will be explained with a notion: “Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee that your account will be verified.” Just in case your request of the verified badge does not get approved, then don’t let your enthusiasm down, you can apply again for it after 30 days.

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