Designs are the most important part of any game to think about. Designing a character for a Fictitious game and giving that character a real look and feel, opens ample ways to show your creativity. The main role of the designer is to sit with the team lead and Game Developers to understand the base requirement and motive of the game and then try to design in such a way that fits correctly to the virtual world.

Game design and development is the place where you get many options for your career and if you are passionate about designs and putting life into the fictional characters then you should be proud. Game Designing and development is one of the best career choices for one who is not fond of coding and software development. It's best for those who are creative and find their real passion in gaming. Whether you are a game lover or a game developer you must have some knowledge of the game designs. In this article, we have brought the tips for making your game designs more impactful and powerful which suits perfect game mechanisms and impresses your audience.

1. Design with USER Perspective: Great User experience is the most impactful factor of your game. While designing any of the games you must have a thought in mind to make game navigation simpler and easier for the user. The best approach to this is to consider yourself as a user and then try to design which are simple, engaging, and does justice to your look and feel of the Game.

2. Relate with the Motive of the Game: Here the motive defines the actual requirement of the game and what message or storyline you want to convey through your game. This is the main thing you should consider at the initial stage because that is the only thing that will determine your long-term engagement with the audience. So always pay attention to the motive, storyline, mechanism, or even the game aesthetic.

3. Deep research on Game sound: A good character becomes even better with a good sound. Let suppose you are making designs for a battle game so then the sound at the right move will bring more feel to the gameplay experience. Sound is something that sets the perfect mood of the gamer. So this is also the most important part of the game design and the coordination between the sound engineer and a designer can make a single game to new levels.

4. Get your prototype ready: While designing your game always try to keep your raw designs ready. That will help you to check your loopholes at the initial period, so you will get a seamless designing experience.

5. Get Organised: Whether it's game development or Mobile app/software development be organized is the most important factor in every sector of production. Many of the clients only rely on Business Analysts from Game Development Companies, to get the project documented and organized. That might sound like a waste of time to make a document at the initial period but that would be the best investment for your game production. So always plan better to do better.

6. Learn how to code: Coding is the key to become the most ideal person in the Game Development Industry. In-Game designing we must have to communicate with the developers for a seamless mechanism of the game and to understand their language we must have some basic knowledge of coding so that will help you to design your game in such a way that is suitable for the developers and also decreases the chances of bugs at the time of testing.

7. Get a list of essential tools: Tools are something without the designing is impossible. And selecting the perfect tool for your design is like a cherry on the cake. The selection ability of a good and efficient tool comes with experience and if you are a beginner just use the tool you are more comfortable with and also take the help from your senior designers along.

8. Use Pictures: Pictures could be a good reference to your designing work. Nothing can explain the concept better than an Image. We always say that “An Image speaks louder than words”. It explains the plan and level of the game in the very easiest and simplest way which makes designing even easier. As you can see in point no 5, the tip is for getting organized and making lean and clean documents at the initial stage of production so that those documents always use images as a reference. Usage of Image will not only make your document look attractive but it will enhance the overall reading experience of your and your teammates along with developers.

The game design is not that easy as it seems like, but not even that tough what you have thought off. It’s just you need to put your heart and passion into designing. Designing is the best way to showcase your creativity so if you are creative enough to deal with the game production obstacle, then what you are waiting for... Just tighten your seat belts and get on the plane...

Good luck!!

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